Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kate Hudson's A Player

Kate Hudson is wasting no time. She married too young and now she's making up lost time with a chain of break-ups.

Though they had only been dating for a short period of time, Kate Hudson and actor Dax Shepard appeared to be made for each other. And the pair certainly didn't hide their relationship like Kate and her previous beau, Owen Wilson, had. But now OK! is hearing rumors that all is not well in paradise and that the pair may have indeed split — and apparently not even Dax knew he'd been kicked to the curb.

"Dax got a phone call about it from a friend," a source close to the Employee of the Month star reveals to OK!. "He's upset that she didn't bother to say anything to him."

Kate was recently spotted in the Big Apple with billionaire party guy Ron Burkle, and many insiders are whispering that she's already moved on.

She needs to stop introducing her conquests to her son.

OK. I'm Officially Depressed.

How in the hell is it possible that only 5 weeks after giving birth, Bridget Moynahan looks like THIS?! Seriously. I've got another 4 weeks on her and I still look 5 months pregnant. I feel like a cow. Hate. Her.

Until I can get my hands on photos, you need to click HERE to check her out while she was making a trip to Fed Ex yesterday. Bitch.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gotta Love Dave

Last night David Letterman welcomed Paris Hilton to his show. There to promote her new clothing line, but Dave wanted the lowdown on jail, not fashion. He, like the rest of us, finds the fact that she went to prison, about the most interesting thing about her. Paris gets annoyed and practically begs him to stop. Apparently she was really pissed afterwards and her 'people' have told the Letterman staff she won't be back. Lucky lucky Dave.

Drew - She Be Mac' ing

Drew Barrymore has been stepping out with a new beau. It's Justin Long, known to most of us as The Mac commerical guy. Earlier in the summer we saw Drew on the arm of music vid director Spike Jonze, but it looks like things between them didn't get too serious.

Justin and Drew were snapped on the streets of Hollywood yesterday.

This Ain't Drag Queen Bingo

It's Tori Spelling hosting The PussyCat Dolls in Las Vegas last night.

If The Dolls are selling sex appeal, what the hell are they doing hiring Tori?

Bad move.

pics - celebutopia

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dexter's Back - Let The Bloodbath Begin.....

Sunday night Dexter's back. Channel 60 at 8pm here in Vancouver. On Showtime in the US. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out, at least just once. I'm not into blood and gore - this show is different. It's truly a unique viewing experience.

He Said It

"He's doing really well. I sort of like to protect his privacy, cause I feel like it's his own thing, but he's a really good friend of mine. He's an incredible guy and I wish him as everybody does, all the best."

~ Ben Stiller
on buddy Owen Wilson

Happy Friday!

Overrated 100

Look who tops the list. Mr. & Mrs. Beckham. Check out Radar's October issue. Cupcakes, Oprah Winfrey, The Swiffer, British accents, Grey's Anatomy, Facebook and Brad Pitt also made the cut.

1. Posh and Becks
2. Cupcakes
3. The miracle of Botox
4. Brad Pitt
5. Sexual predators
6. Oprah's heart
7. Sex with virgins
8. Going to Mars
9. Ballet flats
10. Cocaine
11. The Nintendo WWII, as exercise equipment
12. The cult of Stephen Colbert
13. Pandas
14. Tom Ford
15. Keira Knightley
16. Steroid testing
17. Jeans
18. China, as an economic threat
19. Rupert Murdoch, as arch-conservative villain
20. America Ferrera's looks
21. The Swiffer
22. Pilates
23. Frank Gehry
24. Anderson Cooper
25. The Dalai Lama
26. Grey's Anatomy
27. Jake Gyllenhaal
28. Facebook
29. Soybeans
30. Diane Sawyer
31. Trader Joe's
32. "Smart" superhero movies
33. Andy Samberg
34. Genius
35. J.J. Abrams
36. Vitamins
37. Death tolls, as predicated by American media outlets
38. Annie Leibovitz
39. Winning an Oscar, as career boost
40. Pinkberry
41. Ryan McGinley
42. Twitter
43. Coming out
44. Cats

Ronald Reagan
Keith Olbermann
Young male Jewish novelists
Steve Carell
Pomegranate juice
Conan O'Brien
Tim Gunn
Interesting facial hair
Justin Timberlake
Howard Stern as First Amendment hero
Jim from The Office
Elizabeth Edwards
This American Life
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Dylan McDermott and his wife of nearly 12 years, actress Shiva Rose, have separated, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

McDermott, 45, and Rose, 38, have been married since 1995 and have two daughters, 11-year-old Collette and 2-year-old Charlotte.

Last night marked the premiere of McDermott's new show on ABC, Big Shots. It's being touted as the male equivalent to Sex & The City. Anyone catch it?

Is Angelina Fired From St John?

Maybe not exactly fired, but has Angelina been replaced by the fashion house St John? An insider tells OK Magazine, “Putting celebrities in campaigns is the biggest trend right now, everyone is doing it, but it didn’t work for St. John with Angelina. The people that wear St. John just didn’t relate to her.”

The honchos at St John has not made an official comment as of yet.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guess Who?

Who is that sitting with Marisa Tomei front row at Milan's Fashion Week?

Sadly There Is Still No Hope

Britney Spears isn't trying very hard to hang on to those kids of hers. Brit left a recording studio in Burbank, and hopped into the passenger seat of her benz with a lime margarita. This isn't Vegas. What is she thinking? She isn't thinking. I keep telling myself that I'm going to leave her alone, but she's just so stupid...... at least I'm narrowing it down from daily.

source - celebslam

Guess Who? Revealed!

This one was a no-brainer. It's Matthew McConaughey doing what he does best - sweat. He has freakishly short limbs, but he's still kinda hot.

Congrats to Heleen for taking this round.


I'm Sorry But Sometimes She Scares Me

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of Sex & The City this week.

The Sky Has Fallen

For the first time in months, possibly even a year, Matthew McConaughey is wearing a shirt. Not only a shirt, but a jacket too. His girlfriend also appears to be wearing a ring on that certain finger. Rumour has it she persuaded him out of the trailer park and into a rental home. For now. It must be love.

Uma Travels In Style

Check out how Uma Thurman made her way around Manhattan yesterday .

pic - celebutopia

Father Beckham Suffers Heart Attack

David Beckham flew back to the U.K. Thursday after his father, Ted Beckham, suffered a heart attack.

Becks dropped everything and dashed to LAX (see photo) as soon as he was told the news.

"His father has had a heart attack and is currently being treated in [the] hospital," the athlete's rep confirms. "David is flying back to be with him. He is obviously incredibly concerned and wants to be with him."

The elder Beckham, 59, from east London, suffered chest pains Wednesday evening. A London Ambulance Service spokeswoman confirms that its dispatchers were called and arrived just after 9:20 p.m.

Ted Beckham underwent an operation to unblock his artery, his son's rep tells PEOPLE. A spokeswoman at the London Chest Hospital says the elder Beckham is in "stable" condition. He is reported to be in the intensive care unit.

Ted Beckham is divorced from the soccer star's mother, Sandra. Besides David, Ted is also the father of two daughters, Joanne and Lynne.

Victoria who was in Tokyo has also hopped on a plane and is on her way to meet up with her husband.

Let's hope Ted has a speedy recovery.

source - People

CLIP Of The Week

In spite of Kiefer Sutherland's recent DUI arrest this week, while on probation mind you, he's still a fun drunk. This here clip is an oldie but a goodie - and a quickie!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nothing Good Could Become Of This

These two together spells trouble. These two together spells CoKate. Kate Moss & Courtney Love hit Stella McCartney's Adidas launch at London's Fashion Week last night. This photo had to of been taken real early in the night. You just know an hour or two later, this pair were snorting lines off each other and drinking stoli from the bottle.

Guess Who?

This one is obvious..... isn't it?

Another Day, Another Bikini

Nicole Richie on the beach in Hawaii wondering why the f&ck
her fiance can't take his shirt off.

Driving Dangerously With Clooney

Sounds like George wasn't at fault to me..... but Clooney could face dangerous driving charges following his motorcycle accident in New Jersey. Weehawken Police Sergeant Sean Kelly has revealed the accident on Friday (21Sep07) happened when Clooney tried to pass a 1999 Mazda Millenia that was attempting a right hand turn from the left lane. Sargeant Kelly says, "It's a he-said, she-said right now, but you can't pass on the right in Weehawken or anywhere in Jersey." Clooney suffered a rib fracture and grazes in the accident and his new girlfriend Sarah Larson, who was his passenger, had two broken toes. They were both taken to the Palisades Medical Center for treatment but have since been released.

source - contactmusic

Long Lost Phoebe Cates

Blast from the past. Whenever I see her, I hear The Cars "Moving In Stereo" playing in my head. You know, from that pool scene in Fast Times. Here's Phoebe Cates at the Trade premiere in New York on Friday.

pic - celebutopia

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Guess Who? Revealed!

Egad! Time has not treated Mark Paul Gosselaar well.

Congrats to c for getting this one right the fastest.

Bikini Clad Nicole

Nicole Richie and rumoured fiance, Joel Madden are soaking it up in Maui this week. Joel never takes off his shirt. Not ever. He's that guy. He probably has a bad case of moobs. Moobs with piercings mind you. Nicole looks great. Must be nice to start off a pregnancy 15 or so pounds underweight, so as your pregnancy progresses, you just look better and better. Not fatter and fatter.

It's A Girl!

Salma Hayak is about to put those breasts of hers to work.

Salma and businessman fiancé, François Henri Pinault, are the parents of a baby girl, Valentina Paloma Pinault.

"Mother and daughter are doing well," Hayek's publicist Cari Ross, said in a statement. No further details were released.

A source told PEOPLE that the 41-year-old Mexican-born actress entered the hospital on Thursday and that Pinault was present.

The daughter is the first child for Hayek. Pinault, 45, has two children from a previous marriage which ended in divorce in 2004.

"Motherhood is not for everyone. It is for me, but there's no reason women should feel rushed to have a child."

Friday, September 21, 2007

Why'd She Have To Say It?

“He’s like a rabbit, he’s terrible. Every song gets him in the mood for love. He’s just like that battery. Instead of that little rabbit they should have Ozzy’s willy banging a drum.”

~ Sharon Osbourne
on hubby Ozzy's needs

Just look at him. Did we really need to know that?

Happy Friday!

You Think He Really Writes This Stuff?

David Beckham, or more like, someone working for David, has posted another entry on his blog. It can't be him. I mean, there is absolutely no mention of his latest shopping excursion or coffee run.


Hi, How is everyone? Good, I hope…

I popped down to my LA Academy on Saturday to watch the children being put through their paces by the coaches. This Saturday’s group were particularly special as they were from LA’s Best, which is an after school enrichment programme that works towards better education for children with the greatest needs and fewest resources throughout the city of Los Angeles, so we were really pleased to have them at the Academy for the day.

I took part in a question and answer session and had some photos taken with the kids at the end of the day, which was really good fun. It’s always great to see children enjoying soccer whatever their ability.

I was happy to see the England team win both their recent Euro qualifiers 3-0. They were really important matches, but the team came through them strongly.

I must also say well done to the England women’s team who qualified for the quarterfinals of the World Cup. The squad, features Casey Stoney, who is one of my Academy coaches in London. At both the Academies, we have always encouraged girls as well as boys, to take part. We have had thousands of girls come through the doors and I am always impressed by, not only their ability, but their enthusiasm for the game. I am pleased women’s football is finally getting the recognition it deserves. So the best of luck to them in the quarterfinals.


He Said It

“If any of you watched the MTV Video Music Awards, you saw that more than ever we need music education.”

~ Conan O'Brien
remarking on Britney Spears
to the crowd at VH1's Save The Music Foundation Gala

Love Conan.

Mayer Still On The Hot

John Mayer is still looking fine. His Jessica Simpson induced makeover has stuck and he's working it. Last night he sure was pretty at VH1's Save The Music benefit.

I still can't believe I'm into John Mayer.... not the music, just John. I really hope that's not foundation, but I wouldn't mind if he wiped it on my dress.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mary-Louis Parker & New Daughter

Mary-Louis Parker and her newly adopted daughter made an appearance today. Looks like the little girl is adjusting to Hollywood life nicely. MLP also has a 3 year old son, from her relationship with actor, Billy Crudup, whom left her while she was pregnant, for Claire Danes. Dick.

No word on this little cuties name yet. It's like Zahara..... but not.

This Britney's Less Toxic

Greg Scarnici has done it again. This time he's parodied Britney's VMA performance, only he has abs and a better hair weave. Give ol' Brit a click to see the clip.

source - tmz

Guess Who?

I'll tell you the source after the guesses - so it doesn't give it away.

Jennifer Aniston On The Set

Here's some cute pics of Jennifer Aniston on the set of her latest film, "He's Just Not That Into You". Let's hope the movie isn't as annoying as the author and his book of the same title. They've even given the guy his own talk show.

The cast is full of the talented likes of Scarlett Johannson, Jennifer Connelly, that hottie Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore and her new guy, Justin Long. To be released in the Fall of 2009.

It's Britney, Bitch

Just a day after a judge ordered her to undergo weekly drug and alcohol testing in order to keep her kids, Britney goes out for an ice cream.

It's time to stay home woman!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

She Said It

"I'm really just a Beverly Hills soccer mom
who wants to be a real estate mogul and design clothes."

~ Courtney Love

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How To Keep That Emmy Win High

The day after winning an Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series, Katherine Heigl hit The Ivy for a little lunch/publicity. Guess she didn't get enough attention the night before.

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