Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm Still Sick DAMMIT!

I need to write a little apology to you, my readers. I haven't been keeping up my blog as well and as frequently as I would like to. It has been two weeks with no BAG Of The Week, no KICK Of The Week. Truth is, I've been really really illin with a sinus infection. It's been like nothing I've ever had. I can't think, I can't read and I certainly can't type well. I don't even want to shop. How sickening is that?!?!? This has been ruining me since the middle of October and I finally went and got some drugs, something I hate to do, but at least I should be better in day or two. So I guess I'm trying to say, be patient. I'll post when my head will let me and I vow to kick some celebrity ass again hardcore, once I'm back on my feet for good. I felt the need to post this today because I want you to come back and not give up on me. I'm working on getting better and dammit I WANT TO GO SHOPPING!


Here's another divorce for us to look forward to. Eva Longoria finally got her boyfriend of 2 years, basketball star Tony Parker, to propose to her aging ass. The couple hit a rocky patch and split in September but things have obviously heated up again. I'll bet she gave him an ultimatum and he came to his 'senses'. Eva called Ryan Seacrest's radio show today to confirm the rumour.

source - s?o!w?

God Save The Queen!

Once she sees these pictures of Courtney Love, she's going to cough up a lung.

Courtney took a break while in London filming The Russell Brand Show (similiar to Jackass).

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I have gotten so many hits here today by people Googling "Britney Spears crotch" or "Britney Spears no panties", that it's getting out of hand! People from all over the world want to see it. I'm talking thousands.

So what was today's crotch shot? 5 for 5? Let's hope tomorrow brings her a nice pair of pants.

(I realize this isn't 'today's' crotch shot, but it's one I neglected to post. If you want the real deal, c-section scar and all - Click HERE. I'm warning you. Not for the faint at heart.)

Look Who Morphed Into Her Old Costar

It's freaky isn't it?

I Have Some Advice For Britney


It baffles me that anyone would go out clubbing in a short dress and no underwear. When Britney sits in Paris' car, doesn't she leave a little souvenir on the seat? Ew!

Last night Brit was snapped AGAIN flashing her crotch during a late night gas run. We are so over it Britney.

photos - celebritynation

Guess Who??

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

TomKat Photo Album

Hello! magazine published a crap load of photos from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes big day.

The Lord of Scientology's throne perhaps?

"You complete me."


Here's A Little Holiday Helper

Tis the season to be jolly, right? Well nothing kills the jollys more than a nasty hangover. Help fight your headache and nausea and look stylin doing it.

Try these Vintage Ice Bags ~ $11.99 ea, from

They would make a great hostess gift or an amazing party favor to give your guests when they leave your New Year's Eve party. I want. I need. This.

I found them via ThisNext on Alyson's wishlist. Check out ThisNext for lots of great Christmas ideas.

What A Mess It Will Be!

Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are going to host next weeks Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. "There are no plans for either to perform, but they will host the event together," says a show source. "They’ll be fun onstage together." I just hope Britney remembers to spit out her gum.

Janet Jackson will open the show, hopefully not exposing her hideous nips. What a gong show that's going to be. Can't wait!


Pam Speaks Up

Pam posted this on her website today,
Entitled 'More Divorce'.......

I'm very concerned with the press on mine and Bob's divorce. I know I have people who want to defend me or people who want to defend Bob, but my children can read - and I'd like to resolve this amicably - not fueling fires - and with dignity.

Kids don't know the difference between fact and tabloid …does anybody?

Truth is Bob is great in many ways - we just don't belong together...we mutually agree. I love my children, he loves his son...we both have wonderful family and friends as support going thru this time.

Tub-o Tommy Needed A Girdle For That Tux

We all noticed Tom Cruise packing on the poundage in the last 6 months, 20 pounds reportedly. Mr. Intense says he's a 'nervous eater' and with the world against him, Paramount firing him, and his pending big wedding to Katie Holmes, it's safe to say they guy was anxious.

When Tom arrived in Rome, Giorgio Armani was apologetic because the wedding tux was too small. Armani personally tended to all the fittings while Tom's pants were let out and various details were adjusted. Tom wanted to look svelte so he didn't protest when Giorgio suggested girdling Tom's midsection so the jacket would fall properly. The corset was sewn into Tom's undergarment.

Tom must of been stoked to wear a corset on his wedding day. I'll bet he wore it under Kate's wedding dress on their honeymoon. He totally looks like he's holding his breath in this photo too.


Christmas Engagement For Kate & Owen??

Page Six is reporting that Owen Wilson was spotting eyeing engagement rings at Harry Winston in Dallas with his mother on Friday.

"They were looking at a huge, pear-shaped, flawless diamond engagement ring," said a witness.

Although Kate Hudson and Owen have not been photographed together since Chris Robinson filed for divorce last month, rumour is that these two are growing closer. Let's hope. I love these two together.

source - celebitchy

I'll be back to blog later today. I have a serious sinus infection that is practically running my life. Off to the doc again to get some good drugs.

Monday, November 27, 2006

With Exceptional Timing, Pam & Kid Do GQ

Pick up the full interview and photos in the December issue of GQ. Rather comical considering Pam filed for divorce today. GQ's named them Newlyweds Of The Year.

photos - hollywoodgrind

BeetleJuice! BeetleJuice! BeetleJuice!

Nicole Ritchie hit the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood over the weekend.


Pam Has Filed For Divorce

After a quick 4 months of marriage, Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from Kid Rock today in Los Angeles. TMZ reports that there was no prenup but that a marriage of less than 4 months probably doesn't need one.

The newlyweds have not been photographed together since the initial few weeks after the wedding. More on this as it comes in. This is going down right this minute apparently.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

No One Can Help You If You Won't Help Yourself

Britney Spears is on the hunt for a new PR rep. Page Six is reporting that she is having a hell of a time finding someone willing to represent her. We all know Britney means well but come on - wouldn't handing your baby into the arms of Paris Hilton be considered child abuse? She needs a PR person and fast.

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Nicole Got Banged

Looks like Nicole Kidman has joined the rest of the newly banged celebrities. Here she is today in London at the premiere of Happy Feet.

Me no likey.



Britney Spears went out on the town with Paris AGAIN last night - dressed like THIS. There is no hope for her.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nicole's all...... and Rachel's all.........

'Friends' of Rachel Zoe are speaking out against Nicole Ritchie to Page Six. Looks like a case of She Said She Said.

Last week, Richie leaked to Us Weekly that she was dumping her stylist of two years because she "wanted to surround herself with positive people and influences. Nicole didn't trust Rachel anymore," according to a magazine source. However, a friend of Zoe told Page Six, "Please - and Paris Hilton, her new best friend [after a long estrangement], is a good influence? Give me a break. Rachel was acting as a concerned friend and voiced her concerns to Nicole about her lifestyle, and Nicole didn't want to hear it."

Friday, November 24, 2006

CLIP Of The Week

Naughty bits with Little Ant & Dec. Happy Holidays!

Lindsay Is L'Officiel

Same open mouth pose in every single shot. yawn.

thanks kim

KICK Of The Week

Winter is here so bring out the boots. I'm not usually a fan of any type of 'fur' on footwear but for these boots from Burberry, I'll make an exception. They will keep your feet warm and look haute doing it.

Love Me Some Blind Items

You Guess I Guess. Only I'm sick so the only guess I can make is for the first one which seems like an easy one to me. I mean, her boyfriend looks like he gets cold sores. Doesn't he? An LA entertainment lawyer swears these are legit.

What female pop singer remains with her boyfriend because he gave her an STD and she is afraid to leave him and have the secret come out if she ever dates someone else? DUFF

What former cable television network reality star supplements her meager income and changing of boyfriends by working for an escort agency several times a month?

What former A list actress has in her prenup the amount of times she is required to have sex each week with her husband?

PLEASE entertain me with your guesses.


Updates This Afternoon

I have a sick kid. Yesterday she puked while I was carrying her. In my ear, my mouth, down my white hoodie and into my Kooba handbag. YUCK.

Off to the doc. Be back later. Promise.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Look! It's A Thanksgiving Miracle!

I'm so happy Nicole dumped that piece of leather, Rachel Zoe, and is eating again. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the USA celebrating today!

Double Your Pleasure

Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, new BFF's, raised the roof at Hyde in Hollywood last night. I can see clearly through Paris' motive. Hanging out with Britney can only make her look good. It's obvious she won't help her out with fashion advice. Leopard print dress with white shoes? At least she matched her panties. Paris just stands there while Brits crotch is showing when she could of easily blocked the photographers view. You just know she was smiling inside. Yup. Hanging with Britney can only help Paris look, dare I say, kinda classy.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Did Lindsay OD?

The National Enquirer is claiming that Lindsay Lohan overdosed on cocaine and pills, November 12 at the Chateau Marmont.

A doctor raced to Hollywood's Chateau Marmont after a friend of the 20-year-old actress found her unconscious in a drug-filled hotel room.

Although the doctor was able to revive the hard-partying star, he was horrified to discover a "stash of cocaine and a pile of prescription drugs" in the room, an insider told The ENQUIRER exclusively.

The doctor flushed the cocaine down the toilet and bagged up seven different prescription drugs, according to the insider.

"The doctor insisted, 'This girl had a serious drug overdose. She has to go into a hospital and then into rehab.'"

Lindsay refused to be treated at a hospital or enter rehab.

I sure hope this isn't true. Linds had better smarten up. She has the world at her feet but she continues to kick it in the ass. Self control Lindsay. Don't piss your career and your 20's away with drugs.

Guess Who??

I seriously had no idea.

It's Lucy Lawless! aka Xena Warrior Princess.
She looks great as a blonde.

Congrats to Scottsdale Girl!
Had you seen these pics before or were you just sure?