Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am Going To Hunt Her Down And Cut Off Her Peace Sign

One more photo like this one and I swear I will find
Miley Cyrus and I will take her down.

She ain't so fresh. That was Lindsay's signature move, like, at least 3 years ago. Pre-rehab days. You know that's where Miley's headed. She needs to keep her tongue in her mouth, her teeth behind those lips, and her freaking hands in her pockets.

No Baby Pic $$ For Zuma

Gwen Stefani released the first official photo of new baby Zuma on her website today. Thwarting all offers of cash for a magazine cover.

Guess Who?

Courtney Cox Officially A Cougar

Moving on from DIRT.

Courtney Cox is returning to the land of comedy with Cougar Town, an ABC pilot in which she stars as a hot 40-year-old mother who’s newly single. Cox will exec produce the single-camera comedy with Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, who also is cowriting the pilot. Cougar Town is expected to be a candidate for the 2009-2010 schedule. It’s a reteaming of sorts for Cox and Lawrence: Cox shot a three-episode guest arc on Scrubs that is slated to air later this season.


source - EW

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If Only I Had Somewhere To Wear That

I am totally feeling what Kate Beckinsale wore to the "All About Eve" screening in Hollywood on Sunday night. All she needed was a little bit of powder to tone down the shine and love love love.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Look Out! The Sky Is About To Drop

Victoria Beckham wore flip flops this weekend.
This is not photoshopped!
Yes Posh, you can give yourself a round of applause
for being comfortable for once. Bravo!

Just Saying

Is She An Ice Capade?

I can't tell what's going on here. Is it an early Halloween get-up? Is this her typical nightclub attire? Does she not know Celine Dion's tour has already moved on? Tryouts were like 5 years ago.
AnnaLynne McCord, the bitchy brat on the new 90210, actually went out like this, proud as hell, on Saturday night to the Christian Audigier nightclub in Vegas baby. One look at her and I think T-R-O-U-B-L-E. She's gotta be on something to feel confident in an outfit like that.

What up with them boots? Tragic.

I Never Did Care For Bees

Yesterday Playing Dad, Today Back To Work

Jake Gyllenhaal arrived at Heathrow today to get back on the set of Prince of Persia in London. Just yesterday he was seen with Reese Witherspoon and her son Deacon in Brentwood grabbing java.

It looks like Jake the jetsetter has moved into DILF territory quite nicely.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can You Spell I-N-A-P-P-R-O-P-R-I-A-T-E ??

Sean "Diddy" Combs for some reason felt the need to pose with his nude twin daughters for L'Uomo Vogue magazine. There is no need to Pimp out his kids. He pimps himself out enough for the whole family.

All of this inappropriateness towards children reminded me of something I saw on back in September. Inappropriate Children's Book Covers. Here are a few below.

If you want to see the rest, click HERE. But be warned, alot of these are REALLY inappropriate, if you know what I'm saying.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tom Cruise Kills It At Lauer Roast

Tom Cruise skewered his one-time Today show adversary Matt Lauer with one-liners in a surprise appearance Friday at a Friars Club roast.

"Believe it or not, Matt and I are friends. Some of you may find that hard to believe," said the actor, who famously scolded Lauer on-air and called him "glib" during a discussion of psychiatry and post-partum depression during a now-notorious 2005 interview.

The roasts specialize in dirty humor that poke fun at their honorees. Cruise had a field day at Lauer's expense.

"When they do 'Where in the World is Matt Lauer,' I'm the one person in the world who knows where he is," said Cruise, who showed humorously doctored slides of the two of them at a backyard barbecue together, wading in a swimming pool and cuddling on a jet-ski.

"We go on vacation together," claimed Cruise, who also said they speak on the phone "sometimes four times a day" and watch TV together "for hours." Cruise also credited Lauer with advising him not to talk about his movie War of the Worlds when he appeared on Oprah's show (on which he jumped on Winfrey's sofa), but to talk about his then-new girlfriend, Katie Holmes.

"He said, 'Tom, Tom, don't be glib, You're in love.' " Talk about Homes, Lauer suggested. "Be inspiring … People will love you for it," Cruise quoted Lauer as saying.

The actor also credited Lauer with advising O.J. Simpson to go into a Las Vegas hotel room and reclaim his sports memorabilia, and with advising Katie Couric to leave Today for the CBS Evening News.

"Lose my number, you glib putz," Cruise joked to Lauer.

When Cruise left the luncheon immediately after his remarks, Lauer shouted after him, "Tom, can you stay? We can get [you] a booster seat."

Al Roker, who emceed the roast, also took a shot. "Tom can't stay," Roker said, after Cruise exited the stage. "His spaceship has to leave tonight."

Others who raked Lauer over the coals included Couric and Meredith Vieira, as well Richard Belzer, Martha Stewart, Bob Saget and others.

Once the roast had finished, Lauer had his chance to get even with those who took potshots at him.

"I guess this means we've officially buried the hatchet," he said of Cruise. "But if he pulls that f------ s--- again … I will drop a building on this guy."

I'm in shock that these guys are actually funny. I'm sure Tom's speech was written for him, but Lauer and Roker's comments following are hysterical.

source - People

Happy Friday!

Three Times The Fun

Looks like Guy Ritchie isn't wasting any time. Single looks good on him. Guy hit the town with pals, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law last night in London, washing that material girl away.

Wish I was in on that threesome.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

He Said It

"I've been eating better and training - and hating myself for it.
I feel like a sell out, I feel lame,
I feel like a guy I would make fun of."

~ Seth Rogen

on feeling like a sell-out now that he's slimmer

*slimming down for his starring role in The Green Hornet
in which he also penned the screenplay*

Yet Another Celebrity Endorsement

What do you think of celebrities endorsing political candidates?
Do you think it helps or hinders?

Here's the latest from Ron Howard's call to action.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She Said It

"To be honest, there's nothing I want to talk about less than politics.
I'd rather vomit and lick it up.
I like Obama, but he's not gonna win.
Trust me, I know my people."

~ Chrissie Hynde

of the Pretenders in Blender

CLIP Of The Week

McCain - “Rates were c#nt in the Bush years.”

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guess Who? Revealed!

Big Congrats to Renea for taking this round.

It's Reese Witherspoon out and about in Beverly Hills last week.
Not too impressed to be photographed it seems.

Top 49 Most Influential Men Of 2008

After a voting period that drew more than 200,000 votes,'s Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2008 have been chosen, and the list is now revealed.

The final result is a list of men whose breadth of influence spans multiple industries and countries, and who have inspired everyday guys in a variety of ways. So, who had the biggest impact on the way men behave, buy and think? Your first step toward discovering the Most Influential Man of 2008 is to start HERE with No. 49.

Monday, October 20, 2008

She Said It

"Twenty-three is old.
It's almost twenty-five, which is like, almost mid-twenties."

~ Jessica Simpson

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Friday!

New Show, New Confidence

Debra Messing has been out of the spotlight for a few years. She struggled to get back into her past Hollywood form, after having her son, Roman, in 2004. But now she's back, looking better than she has in years, with a new show, The Starter Wife. Check her out in New York at the launch of Diane Von Furstenberg's new Wonder Woman collection yesterday.

That sparkle is back. A good fat paycheque can do that for you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Guess Who?

Duchovny & Leoni Can't Hold On Any Longer

David Duchovny and wife Téa Leoni released a statement this afternoon saying they have been separated for some time. Probably trying to fly under the media radar, who are hot on Madonna and Guy's split already today.

"In light of continuous speculation over the lives and marriage of Tea Leoni and David Duchovny, the couple has confirmed that they have in fact been separated for several months," the statement says. "The couple had hoped to keep this separation private for the sake of their children."

Duchovny, 48, has been married to actress Leoni since 1997. They have two children, daughter Madelaine West, 9, and son Kyd, 6.

The actor voluntarily entered rehab last summer "for the treatment of sex addiction," he said in a statement issued in August. That oughta kill a marriage.

source - People

CLIP Of The Week

Sorry for my absence so far this week. Hope to be back with you tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy a little David Lynch genius/madness.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your turkey this weekend, my fellow Canucks.

He Said It

"I think it's the cardinal rule of athletes that if you're not married
by the time you're 30, you're all of a sudden, definitely gay.
It's just the narrow-mindedness of sports
which is probably the one thing that turns me off about it."

~ Sean Avery
Dallas Star, Vogue Intern and wanna-be fashionista

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Tonight I had dinner with many. Tonight I had dinner with many of the men and women who made Vancouver what it is today. But it was I, at this time of breaking bread, it was I who made a mark.

Here I was, at a private dinner with a bunch of 60+ Vancouver Conservatives. I married a man with Conservative parents. Me... as Liberal as they come. This evening, I dined at Il Giardino with over forty 60 somethings in a private dining room. Though they loved to argue their conservative ways, they also LOVED to hear my Liberal ones. I sat with a couple whom I got along with famously - that was, until we discovered we were from the Left and from the Right. BUT they wanted to know why, why if I was American, why I would vote for Obama. Other than his charisma and his ability to really wear a suit, what could I tell them? I'm a Canadian.... more interested in US politics due solely on the sex-appeal? How lame can I be? More lame maybe, if I was dishonest and pretend I give a sh!t about Harper and the rest of them. I'm a Liberal person, I feel the need to stay Liberal, regardless of candidate.