Saturday, September 30, 2006


These eyes belong to everyone's favourite Showgirl - Elizabeth Berkley.
Congrats to Jessica for being first to get it right.

Gotta Love A Drunk Beyonce

It's nice to see Beyonce let her hair down and got right ripped Thursday night after Jay Z's show in London. She may of been wasted, but she was still sharp enough to block the almighty crotch shot.

Paris and Lindsay can't keep theirs concealed, even when sober.

Here's some video from the concert earlier in the night. Gwyneth Paltrow helps celebrate her 34th birthday by singing back up vocals.

photos -
video - ohnotheydidn't

You Want A Piece Of THIS?

YOU can own something so unique, so exclusive.
Never seen before and never again.
I'm sure it took him hours to perfect.
That's right folks. It's KFed's RESUME.

It's completely blank, obviously.

Check it out on ebay HERE. Bidding is at $32 US. I'm not kidding.


Can't Always Get What You Want

But if you're Elizabeth Hurley, you like to think you can. I swear she might as well wear a tiara 24/7.

From Page Six ~

Liz threw a hissy fit Thursday night on the ferry that was supposed to take her back to Manhattan from the Liberty Island celebration of Moet Champagne's 120th anniversary. When guests were informed that they could not take any champagne on board, "everyone else graciously agreed to abide by the rules," said our source. But an enraged Hurley refused to give up her magnum of Moet and three glasses, and held the boat at the dock for 20 minutes until security guards were finally able to get her to relinquish them.

Wouldn't you be PISSED if some spoiled brat held you up from getting off some ridiculous ferry? The rest of the boat should of been given a shot once ashore for having to put up with her crap.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Somebody's Watching You

WHO is it???

Because It's Friday And Because I Don't Want ANYONE TO Miss THIS

I have to re-post this link just in case someone missed it. My post from last Friday just slipped into my archives and really the link is too good to miss.

Reversa anti-wrinkle cream knows what it's doing.

Trust me - you WANT these side effects ladies and some of you gentlemen. Click HERE and make sure you read about as many side effects as you possibly have time for. Once you see, you'll make time. Come back and tell me your favourites. Consider it a weekend assignment if you will.

CLIP Of The Week

What the?

Look Out World - Eva's Single.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker have called it quits after an eighteen month romance.

Life & Style Weekly reports, "Eva decided in the end that Tony was not the right one for her." The insider tells the publication that one reason Eva, 31, decided to call off the relationship was their seven-year age difference: "She just decided he's too young." Basketball star Parker is 24.

Maybe this will make room for her rather close friend Jamie Foxx.


Good Lord.

Tell me he looks this way for a movie role. Please. How can he care that much about his body but not look in a mirror or take a shower?

source - splash

KICK Of The Week

THESE boots are as haute as they are practical. They're not too tall, they have tabs to help you pull them on, and a chunky rubber sole, so you won't wipe out in the puddles. Made from saddle soft grain lambskin, beautifully woven, with a 3" stacked heel.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Look Who's Bringing SexyBack

source - olsensfan

Katie & Tom Making Wedding Plans

Keep away from the light Kate!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been frequenting Los Angeles restaurants, lunching with wedding planners. Here they are leaving a Beverly Hills establishment on Tuesday afternoon. Katie has been working out like a mofo trying to drop the pregnancy poundage before the big day and it looks like she's winning the battle. Either that or she's got herself a really good girdle.

photos - hwb

No One Looking Like THIS Should Stand In Front Of The Word STYLE

Just saying.

Mena Suvari at the Stuff Style Awards last night looking like she's wearing too many trends at once AND in need of a stache bleach.

photo - hwb

I Don't Care If It's Chanel.....

This dress is HIDEOUS.
Looks like something the neighbour's cat threw up.

Mischa Barton at the Marie Antoinette special screening in Hollywood Tuesday.

photo - hwb

LOOK What Matthew Is Packing!

I don't know what look Matthew McConaghey's going after these days, the Unabomber maybe? Does the Unabomber wear spandex? In one photo he seems REALLY happy to see the cameras. It appears he's taken his homance with Lance Armstrong a little too far. If you are off the bike, step out of the spandex. That's all I'm saying.

photo - USWeekly

Beyonce & Gwynnie BFF's?

It's beginning to look that way. In this months Bazaar Magazine, Gwyneth Paltrow told the interviewer that Jay Z was one of her best friends. I'll admit when I read it, I perceived her tone to be sarcastic, turns out she was speaking the truth.

Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin surprised the crowd at Jay-Z's London show last night by joining him on stage. The Coldplay singer worked on Jay-Z's new album and was expected to join the rapper in a live duet, but Paltrow's appearance was an unexpected thrill for the audience. The Oscar-winning actress sang backup for the Song Cry. Paltow and Martin were photographed with Jay-Z and his girlfriend Beyonce at the show's afterparty.

source - celebrity nation

My Hatred For Crocs Is Catching On

Ain't She Sweet?

Avril Lavigne has not lost her Punk roots, not at all. For the second night in a row she spit in the face of a cameraman outside Hyde nightclub. After celebrating her 22nd birthday last night inside, Avril left the club to the usual swarm of paps and autograph seekers. She then unleashed a half a dozen f&ck you's and then yelled to her friends to "spit on them". To make sure it was done right, the little princess took care of it herself. Classy! Girl's now two for two.

Check it out HERE.

source - TMZ

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

BAG Of The Week

Now THIS is the kind of bag you can smell from across the room. This Chloe bag, made from luxe washed lambskin leather, has top handles plus a detachable shoulder strap. The hardware is silver, which personally, I love. Gold is all the rage these days so it's nice to see the other metal return once in awhile. Would make a great bag for an over-nighter....or two.

Too Many Meds Killed Daniel

The death of Anna Nicole Smith's 20-year-old son Daniel was caused by a lethal combination of methadone, Zoloft and Lexapro, pathologist Cyril Wecht has revealed to PEOPLE exclusively. Wecht said the drugs caused the cardiac dysrhythmia that led to Daniel's death. Wecht got the toxicology results from National Medical Services in Willow Grove, Pa., today.

Anna's creepy attorney/lover went on Larry King last night looking all strung out and claiming to be the father of her new daughter they've named Dani-Lyn. This story keeps getting weirder and weirder. I think her so-called attorney Howard K. Stern drugged the poor kid. Why would he be taking methadone? Did he suffer from a heroin addiction no one has mentioned or is it Howard's addiction? Apparently he picked Daniel up at the airport and drove him straight to the hospital room he soon after died in. Stern says Anna and baby Dani will now live with him permanently in the Bahamas in an attempt to stay away from the media scrutiny.
Strange stuff. Poor Anna.

Kate Hudson To File For Divorce?

Buh bye Chris.

"She is filing for divorce imminently," a friend tells Us Weekly. "As soon as she files, it relieves a lot of the pressure of going out with Owen," says a friend of the actress. The actor "makes Kate laugh," says a source. "She's much more true to herself when she's with Owen."

Do it Kate. Do it!

Hello Owen.



Blogging has had to be rather sporadic in the past month. I like to post early in the morning when the gossip is fresh, so I apologize for the late afternoon postings. Starting next week my schedule will be more set in stone and it should give me the time again to get my posts up in the a.m.. Until then, I will post when I can and most often in the afternoon and evening but as of Monday I should be back in full effect!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

On? Off? On? Off? On-Off?


Jude Law and Sienna Miller made an appearance at the Gala Opening for Madame Butterfly at Lincoln Center last night. These two have been underground for a least 6 weeks. The couple appeared to be all smiles but did not answer questions from the media about their relationship.

photo - icydk


I thought I might have this one locked as the photo is very out of character for this actress. Lots of good guesses but ANON was right on this one. It'd be a lot more fun if you anonymous' registered a name for us to know you by. Hint hint.

Hilary Swank is the lady is yellow, looking more feminine than ever.

Consumers Report On Milk's Goodness

I really can't thank LA enough for letting me in on a little secret.

We all know started out selling book and music, but has now grown many branches and carries everything from auto parts to musical instruments and everything inbetween, INCLUDING groceries. You Americans can now just hop online and fill up the fridge. Am I jealous? You bet I am.

Ok, as great as this is, it's not even the best part. The best part of Amazon groceries is the people that write reviews about the food just like they do about the books they read. You HAVE to check it out. Think you have nothing to say about MILK? Well so far 778 people have plenty to say and they're writing about it.

Here's a taste of some of the greatness - Tuscan Whole Milk:

  • As a lactose intolerant person, I cannot drink this milk, but can only admire it. I am a better person for having seen it, yet ever more deeply saddened by my inability to drink it. (shoshana - eugene, or)
  • I bought this milk a few days ago; it arrived today, and when I opened it, it was a literal explosion of rainbows and kittens. No cows could have made this milk. No, I suspect unicorns. (kuactet - delaware)
  • I was suspicious of purchasing milk over the internet, but the slighly larger "head shots" of the jug convinced me that this milk is great stuff. Once I got it home my whole fridge seemed to glow, it caused my Cheerios to burst into uncontrollable flames, I love Tuscan milk, buy some today. (matthew)
Pretty damn funny. Pour yourself a little wine and prepare to laugh.
Don't forget to check out the reviews for grapes and tomatoes too!

Clooney For President?

After appearing at an event where Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation aimed at helping stop genocidal violence in the Darfur region of Sudan, George Clooney is now deflecting talk that he may run for political office.

"Believe me, you don't want me in politics." When asked what he thought about people wearing T-shirts urging Clooney to seek the presidency in 2008, he added, "I think they're probably kidding."

Humble George, a liberal Democrat, may just be playing down high expectations. Clooney recalled at one point that he starred in "Batman and Robin," in which Schwarzenegger played the villainous Mr. Freeze. "He's gone on to be Govenor, and I still think I'm Batman."


Monday, September 25, 2006

Try NOT To Laugh

I dare you.

Donny Osmond on Broadway opening night for Beauty & The Beast.

photo - dlisted

Bare Escentuals - The New Essentials

I'd been dying to try Bare Escentuals pure mineral makeup for some time because, one, I'm a sucker for great marketing, and two, it's suppose to be great for gals with sensitive skin and I top that list. Not only can you find this product at fine cosmetic counters, but top dermatologists carry it too. Free of preservatives, talc, waxes, oils, fragrances and other stuff we don't need that causes breakouts. Made from crushed pure minerals, there isn't anything here to clog your pores, plus it contains natural sunscreens, so it comes recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. It's powder foundation that goes on with a brush and it feels like nothing on your skin. I am truly impressed with it's coverage and a little goes a long way. It took me a bit to get the hang of it, but there is no turning back. I recommend the i.d. bareMinerals Foundation - $25 US and the Tinted Mineral Veil - $19 US. New staples in my makeup bag.

It's That Time Of Year Again - Time For The ANTM RECAP!

Once again every week I'll head over to FourFour for the most detailed and most hilarious America's Next Top Model Recap on the net. The season premiere's recap is entitled, Vag Arms & Ham. Yes you read that right. After the first ep, I'm rooting for Caridee because she's got spunk and AJ because her first photo kicked ass.

photo - fourfour

Scarlett Jo with a BIG fashion NO

Why would anyone wear a jumpsuit?
Besides making you look exceptionally wide,
they are IMPOSSIBLE to pee in.

She looks great from the waist up -
but from the waist down it's HIDEOUS.

photos - hwb

Not Only Does It Make You Skinny, Now It Tastes Great Too?

It's not much of a secret that cocaine is still a big deal on the Hollywood hot spot scene. Just look at all the skinny celebs who are out every night, and at work again the next morning. You can't do that on caffeine alone. The 'new' thing the kids are putting up their nose these days tastes a little like "Strawberry Shortcake peed down the back of your throat." That's right. Strawberry flavoured Cocaine. Mmmmmm Mmmmmm. Making it even easier to get hooked. I'm sure bubblegum flav is next, but for now - Strawberry Quik powder for everyone!

From TMZ ~

Flavored cocaine is nothing new, we're told. Law enforcement sources tell us that since the 80s people have been buying coke in all sorts of flavors, including rum and cherry, and now it appears strawberry is back and all the rage.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that strawberry flavoring is added to the drug to give it its fruity flavor. Years ago just adding food coloring was a big thing-- brown and red cocaine were the talk of the town. Theoretically, you could make or add any flavor you'd like to the drug.

Hollywood insiders tell TMZ that this drug has exploded in the club scene, and not only has cocaine made a huge comeback, the strawberry version is definitely rearing its ugly head again. Like leggings and skinny jeans, this dangerous pastime is back full force.

Personally, this is the first time I've ever heard of flavoured boog sug. Why mix in food colouring? Ew. I don't know why they don't just cut to the chase and cut the crap with laxatives.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Guess Who?

I just HAVE to do another Guess Who.
I'm having too much fun drawing on celebrities.

No Takers. Poor Paula.

Yikes. Not a single bidder on the ebay auction that offered first class airfare for two, an appointment with a Beverly Hills stylist, shopping on Rodeo and the chance to hang with Paula Abdul. All proceeds for the auction would have gone to the MS Foundation but perhaps the $25,000 US price tag was a little steep? The auction ended over 4 hours ago without a bite.


I HATE it when I can't fool you guys.
Alyssa Milano it is!