Tuesday, September 30, 2008

John Mayer Who?

Day two of Jennifer Aniston's bikini tour of Mexico. A few days after there were, what I say are bogus, reports of her drunk-dialing ex John Mayer, Jen's out to show us she is loving life and doesn't give a sh!t. That and that she can still ROCK a bikini at 39 1/2. AND that she eats.

Well done.

Guess Who? Revealed!

A very pregnant Naomi Watts hitting the shops in Brentwood, CA in short shorts no less. Congrats to Stefanie for getting this one first. WTG Stef!

Apparently, just after these photos were taken, Naomi went off on the paparazzi for stalking her that day. Never piss off an uncomfortable pregnant lady.

She Said It

"It's weird, in our business, I'm a size 2 and considered curvy ... It's important to remind young women, 'Listen, even skinny girls have cellulite, even Halle Berry has cellulite, and what you see in photos isn't totally real' ... You can look up old episodes of my show and see when I was being far too friendly with the craft-services table ... I'm not a waify girl and never will be. I think it's healthy when fitness experts encourage fitness rather than getting a certain body shape. And I'm Italian - I love food. I'm not going to cut out bread and pasta and wine to be thinner."

~ Sophia Bush

in Health Magazine

Letterman's Touching Tribute To Paul Newman

Start at 1:00 in. David Letterman had a special relationship, both on and off the air, with the late Paul Newman. It's a long segment, but still well worth the watch. At 7:30 there is a very entertaining video tribute.

source- thehuffingtonpost.com

LiLo And Ronson Hit The Beach

Never thought I'd see Samantha Ronson out of her trademark skinny jeans and sneakers. I pictured her more of a tshirt and shorts beach-going type. Not to mention, she's without her usual snarl. I guess being next to her girltoy Lindsay Lohan in a bikini will do that to you. Here's some snaps of the inseparable couple on the beach yesterday afternoon in Cabo.

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda in Sex and the City, has joined Susan G. Komen for the Cure as an official Komen Ambassador. Cynthia and her mother are both breast cancer survivors and are doing their part to raise awareness for this deadly disease.

She Said It

"I would never complain about paparazzi intrusion.
I put myself in this position. I am a celebrity and so is David.
Sometimes the paparazzi do get violent,
they drive dangerously, and it's not fair to the kids.
That's the sad thing about it. The good thing is
you never have to take a camera because
somebody is always going to capture that moment…
and they often re-touch the photos."

~ Victoria Beckham

OMFG! It's The Gossip Boys

The Gossip Guys are on the cover of Details November Issue.
Who's your favorite?

Penn Badgley: "You have to draw the line somewhere. I'm fine talking about my family and personal history, because it humanizes you. But I have to save some shit for me."

Chace Crawford: "Model turned actor, dime a dozen, eye candy, doesn't know what he's doing ... and Perez Hilton says I have 'gayface.' So on top of everything else, I have to overcome gayface."

Ed Westwick: "Put me in a bar and I'll make friends straightaway. And I'm at my most impressionable age. I need to meet new people, and soak up everything like a sponge."

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Heather Locklear Driving While Loaded

Heather Locklear was arrested yesterday on suspicion of driving while impaired. She was pulled over while driving in the Santa Barbara area. Law enforcement officers tell TMZ alcohol was not involved, however, they are conducting tests to determine if Locklear was under the influence of drugs.

UPDATE: Here's her mug shot. Kinda hot.

In June, Heather checked herself into an Arizona medical facility to fight anxiety and depression.

A resident reported Locklear "driving erratically" as she was pulling out of a parking lot in Santa Barbara. An officer then noticed her car parked on a state highway and blocking a lane. After speaking with Locklear, the officer determined she was under the influence of something and arrested her.

Locklear was released on her own recognizance, without having to post bail.

Karma man. What a bitch Amanda Woodward was!


Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are now husband and wife, her rep has confirmed to Usmagazine.com.

The wedding took place Saturday evening at a remote wilderness resort outside Vancouver. Guests included Scarlett's mother, Melanie Sloan, and her brother, Adrian Johansson.

Johansson, 23, and Reynolds, 31, who had been dating since Spring 2007, announced their engagement on May 5, the day the actress flashed a three-carat diamond ring estimated to be worth about $30,000 at the Met Costume Ball Gala.

* I'm still trying to find out more details. All I know is they got hitched on an island. Could be any one the the Gulf islands or on Vancouver Island up near Tofino. Will post when I know more. Good for them for keeping it hugely on the down low.*

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Smell Like Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham were on hand to launch their Signature fragrance at Macy's in New York on Friday. Vickie had on the craziest boots - no heel in sight. So Posh it hurts. Hurts like hell I'll bet.

Her new look is a little harsh,
but I guess that's what she's going for.

David holding her hand, presenting her to the paparazzi,
tapping her ass... sigh. Makes up for them trying so hard.

RIP Paul Newman

Paul Newman, the legendary actor whose steely blue eyes, good-humored charm and advocacy of worthy causes made him one of the most renowned figures in American arts, has died of cancer at his home in Westport, Connecticut on Friday. He was 83.

"You can't be as old as I am without waking up with a surprised look on your face every morning: 'Holy Christ, whaddya know - I'm still around!' It's absolutely amazing that I survived all the booze and smoking and the cars and the career."

Newman, who was married to Jackie Witt from 1949 to 1957, is survived by his wife, Joanne Woodward, and five children.

source - cnn

Friday, September 26, 2008

I Have As Much Foreign Policy Experience As Sarah Palin

Hell, according to her, we all do. If you live in a country that borders another, you too can be VP of the USA.

Katie Couric interviewed the VP candidate, Sarah Palin, last night on CBS. Riveting stuff.

sound familiar?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

NYC Hauteness

Not many couples hotter than Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen at the moment. The pair were out for dinner in New York tonight.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sharon Stone Needs To Stay In One Place

Just a day after losing a custody battle over her eldest of three sons, Sharon Stone polished up the mags and took her Bentley for a spin. Making sure to hit The Beverly Hills Hotel, where the paps are bound to hang out.

Huh, those are weird bike shorts/leggings thingy's. Anyways...

From Yahoo News -

A San Francisco court's ruling that Roan, Stone's 8-year-old son with ex-husband Phil Bronstein, should continue to live in the Bay Area with his father is not a refutation of Stone's custody rights—rather, it's only an order mandating that Roan stay in his current elementary school, according to Stone's attorney.

Despite a judge's statement that Bronstein "shall have permanent sole physical custody," Stone still retains joint physical and legal custody of Roan, per their original agreement filed on Oct. 4, 2007, attorney Martin Singer told E! News Tuesday.

Guess Who?

CLIP Of The Week

Cynthia Nixon's Lady Friend - Hot or Not?

Yep, that's what I thought.

Gwyneth For Tod's

Gwyneth Paltrow is the new face of Tod's. Tod's is all about luxury and really, so is Gwyneth. Here she is looking stunning at a private dinner held last night in Milan during Fashion Week Spring/Summer 09.

In the campaign, which was shot by Mario Testino in Capri, the actress evokes a "the uber luxurious, outdoors-y life of a beautiful Italian aristocrat from the heady days of the jet-set era" - and she loved every moment of it.

"Italian style is very sexy, very womanly and what I love is that it seems to have so many different inspirations," she explains.

Paltrow replaces fellow leading lady Sienna Miller, who starred in last year's campaigns.

"Gwyneth effortlessly embodies the spirit of the all American woman with timeless elegance and modern flair - the perfect representation of the Tod's woman," says creative director Derek Lam. "And, of course, beyond her impeccable style, she is an artist whose body of work I greatly admire."

She Said It

"I'm completely straight, have been in a relationship for a long time,
and I've asked her to marry me at least once a month."

~ Eva Mendes
talking about her travelling masseuse, Jennifer

Guess Who? Revealed!

All good guesses, but the last one was the correct one.

It's Rachel Bilson!

Anon takes another round.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I hope you were sitting down.

JUST IN CASE you weren't already 100% sure, Clay likes boys. Claymates throughout the world are weeping into their pillows as we speak.

American Idol alum Clay Aiken and newborn son Parker pose for their first photos AND Aiken officially comes out, on the cover of next weeks People magazine.

Parker Foster Aiken was born on August 8 in North Carolina to Aiken's good friend Jaymes Foster, 50. The pair met when Aiken was a contestant on American Idol.

I'm out!

Jazz hands!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Everyone Wants To Free Katie

The opening night of Katie Holmes Broadway run of All My Sons, was picketed Friday night by members of the anti-Scientology group, Anonymous.

Wearing masks and holding signs with salacious slogans like "Free Katie!", "Scientology is a cult!", "Run Katie Run!" and "Free Katie! Keep Tom," many protestors shouted their distaste with her recent religion of choice. Thanks to her leader, I mean, husband, Tom Cruise.

We're not protesting the play, we're not protesting her," explained one protestor who goes by the name of Little Sister. "We're just showing her support pretty much. We're showing her that she can have the strength to leave... We've seen Katie in recent televison and she looks miserable. She's lost a lot of weight. We've seen her with purple hands."

According to the anti-Scientology crowd, they are are worried about Katie and her two-year-old daughter Suri. They also alleged to OK! that the Church of Scientologists had been attempting to stop the protest.

At one point, a fight nearly erupted outside the theater and police were forced to step in to calm things down.

However, despite rampant rumors that protestors would interrupt the actual performance, the audience inside the theater — including Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman in the fourth row — was well-behaved as Katie made her way through her first live performance of the Arthur Miller play All My Sons.

In fact, the audience cheered as Tom entered the theater and took his seat near the front of the house. He even took the time to share a brief embrace with Dustin, who later stayed behind to offer his congratulations to Katie.

As for her actual performance, one audience member tells OK! that Katie was "actually pretty good. She has her hands on her hips a lot like she's posing for pictures and she projects her voice a bit too much, but she's a good actress."

Regardless of any minor shortcomings, when the final curtain closed, the audience applauded, giving Katie and her co-stars a standing ovation.

"Tom had a huge smile on his face after the show," says one witness, who spotted the superstar actor heading backstage to congratulate his wife.

Outside, the pre-show crowd had swelled to more than 150 screaming fans and dozens of photographers as a half-dozen police officers on horseback patroled the crowd who now carried signs pronouncing, "Well Done Katie!"

No doubt the signage for her departure was mastermined by that wonderful husband of hers. BArf.

Emmy Arrivals & Other Party Pics

Yawn. Couldn't get thru it this year.
Should just stick with Jimmy Kimmel.

Shout out your best and worst dressed.

Heidi Klum's least annoying quality.
Taking off her clothes.
That voice of hers makes my skin crawl.

Tim Robbins (love love love) and Susan Sarandon (love).

Christina Applegate looking amazing after surviving
breast cancer and a double mastectomy this year.

Felicity's hair looks amazing.
Longwhoria needs to lay off the cosmetics.
Marcia Cross is like a porcelain doll. SPF is her BFF.

Eva has us on full bump watch with this choice.

Who I ask you doesn't love Mary-Louise Parker?

Um... I like yellow.

Evangeline Lily looked fab.

Not a fan of Brooke Shield's choice.

Cynthia Nixon looking fine.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is still the cutest.

LC made the party circuit. Natch.

Reefer Kiefer Sutherland and Patrick Dempsy. Smoke break?

Kate Walsh after-partying.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Tori Spelling and what's his face. Ick.

Kiefer, Christian Slater and Martin Sheen.

That's all I got so far. Should I keep going or have you already seen them all?

pics - source celebutopia