Monday, July 31, 2006

Ah..... The Good Ol' Days

The days when a size 12 was our size 2, and the skinny girls had no friends.

Most Requested..... Hair

gisele hair1
According to America's top salons and Elle Magazine, Gisele Bundchen has the hair most women want. It is the number one hair style clients request from their stylists. Over 50% request her long layers and sunkissed highlights, Sienna Miller's recent crop came in at number 2 and Nicole Richie's side swepted bob at number 3.

She does have great hair doesn't she?

Who Wore It?

Recognize this dress? A certain someone wore this very dress to an event last month. Can you remember who it was?

Gucci Sequin print silk mousseline mini dress with python detail.
$2695 US - You can check it out HERE.

The Inevitable Has Happened

Mel Gibson checked himself into Rehab.
This is the Year of Rehab. Rehab is the new black.
Read all about it HERE.

Paris A Hit In The Joint

Celebutart, Paris Hilton has had to hire a team just to deal with the crazy amount of letters she receives from inmates across the country.

"I get a lot of letters from guys in prison who send their paintings of me and I get a few rings from guys who want to marry me, but I have a team of people who send them back a picture of me, and yes, the rings get sent back, too."

Paris should stop fooling herself. These men are made for her. Besides the obvious, they too are horny as hell and aren't rookies when it comes to handcuffs.


LiLo's Learning To Fight Back

lilo box2
lilo box1
lilo box

Back ON!

reynolds morissette
Alanis Morissette and Ryan Reynolds were spotted in Brentwood having lunch on Saturday. I wonder if they ever quit?


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Proud Dad

Adam Sandler and daughter Sadie had a quick dip
in the waters off Hawaii Friday.

photo - UsWeekly

Baby Break

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner took a break from parenting
and enjoyed a Red Sox game tonight.


42 And FIERCE!

Courtney Cox & David Arquette attended the Barnyard premiere today in L.A.. Once again, Courtney, 42, looks phenomenal - she absolutely glows. If she's had botox, I want the name of the trigger puller, because DAMN they have it nailed. If it's from that skin care line she promotes, Kinerase, I'M SOLD. How dare she look better with age!

"I have issues with getting older... There are huge changes in my body and my face, and I obsess over them. I just try to not have too many mirrors around... It's hard getting older; it's hard not to be the young one anymore." She fears she'll never be able to opt for plastic surgery because her husband, isn't a fan. "David has a huge problem with it, but I don't." (contactmusic)

She's nuts. I think she looks amazing. Best 42 year old out there by far.


Still The Freshest Kids

Back when gangs battled with breakdancing and not bullets, the streets set the standard of style. This unbeatable book of photos, documents the emerging hip hop scene between 1980-1989, before it became the multi million dollar industry it is today. This is where it all started. They rocked the dopest shit. Kangol hats, shell toe Pumas, Cazel glasses and even ski goggles at times.

Make sure to check out this fantastic find - Back In The Days (Photographs by Jamel Shabazz), HERE. Enjoy a few pics I scanned from my copy.


Linds Still Needs Her Mommy

While Lindsay spent last night off partying in Las Vegas with boyfriend, Harry, she had Mommy set the record straight. She is just a 'child' after all. Dina Lohan spoke with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood -

In response to the letter, Dina told Bush, "The wording was ridiculous." When asked if she thought the executive, James G. Robinson, was out of line and what brought on the unprecedented blast, Dina said, "I feel when you are 19 (years old) it is way out of line… Maybe he has personal issues with whomever and it came out with my child. I don't know him. I can't judge him. I don't think it was a smart thing to do to a young girl."

When asked if there was any truth to claims in the letter, Dina came to her daughter's defense saying, "Lindsay was in 105 (degree weather) saying, 'Mommy, I feel sick; like I am going to faint.' She took herself to the hospital. She has asthma and in extreme cold or heat you can't breathe."

Dina added, "…I'm a mother and will do what I need to do to protect my child…I don't feel it should be aired out and everyone should know. It's personal."

When asked about accusations in the letter that Lindsay's "…ongoing all night heavy partying" was responsible for her not showing up on set, Dina said, "Lindsay gets to work late, OK… She's a human being. There was one day when she was late and they worked the schedule around her. Garry (Marshall, the film's director), Jane (Fonda, her co-star), everybody loves her."

In regards to Lindsay's status, Dina told Access Hollywood, "As far as Lindsay's health is concerned, she's fine and she is back on set." Dina added to Bush, "She will win an Academy Award for this picture… Justice!"

Hey Dina - Give your head a shake. An Academy Award?
Oh and btw - your daughter is 20 NOT 19. Keep up.


Is She Off To A Party Or About To Attempt A Double Axel?

I honestly can't tell.

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks like the next contestant on Skating With Celebrities.


Done Deal

I doubt it's legal but as of this afternoon - I present to you Mr. & Mrs. Rock. Rock on you crazy kids. This photo was taken just moments after the I do's. Wasn't Pam's first sex tape filmed on a yacht? Oh man - this honeymoon is going to be good.

I'm Confused

This picture of Keira troubles me so. What is wrong with her feet?
Is it malnourishment? Or have those damn RiverDancer's struck again?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

GUESS WHO Revealed!

This first PERFECT ass belongs to THE BODess - Gisele Bundchen.
Now THAT's an ass to aspire to.
Good call - YVONNE - for getting it right first.

And THIS butt muscle belongs to Anna Kournikova!
Right AGAIN Yvonne!

Wedding Day

Pamela Anderson spent the morning of her wedding day on the yacht with her buddy David LaChapelle while the groom spent it shopping around Saint Tropez. Looks like Pam's already into the sauce. And what's that blob on her boob? Anyway - I'm dying to see what kind of ensemble she weds in tonight.

photos - teddyandmoo


Not only was Mel Gibson arrested for a DUI yesterday but he was caught on tape slurring anti-Semitic statements at the arresting officers. Kiss your ass goodbye Mel. Practically every producer in Hollywood is Jewish. Good thing he made a killing on Passion of the Christ, he's got 7 kids to feed.

Read all the juicy details HERE.

Shades Of Summer

Oliver Peoples Heroine Sunglasses $265 US.

I bought a pair of OP sunglasses this spring and let me tell you, they are heavy duty. Still nice and sturdy even after being dropped at LEAST a thousand times. The great thing about Oliver Peoples is that each style of glasses comes in at least 5 different colours and lenses. Your choices are endless. Lots of great styles in both plastic and metal. Check out these HERE.

Friday, July 28, 2006

CLIP Of The Week

In anticipation of KFed LIVE at the Teen Choice Awards, August 20th.
Yo ready for dis?

Duff Does IT

Hilary Duff is NO VIRGIN. She was recently quoted in Elle magazine saying she would save her virginity until marriage, now denies the quote. The Duffster told Much Music yesterday, "The thing is that I didn't say that. I wouldn't say that. I don't know how [the writer] got that out of what I said." Duff went on to say that the subject is "definitely not something that I would talk about or that I would want people to focus on. Or that I even think it's appropriate to talk about. Whose business is that?"

I KNEW IT. That four-poster comef&ckme bed of hers was a dead giveaway. Check it out HERE.


GUESS WHO? Double Edition

Two different butts - Two guesses......


Passion for the bottle has landed Mel Gibson under arrest for a DUI just this morning. Mel was pulled over for speeding after 2am on the Pacific CoastHighway and was then administed a breathalyzer test. He was then booked and released on $5000 US bail.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles Country Sheriff's Department told TMZ, "Mel Gibson was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was released later this morning. The investigation was still ongoing, just like it would be with any other person."

source - tmz

Lohan Gets A Lashing

FINALLY!!!! Some GREAT juicy gossip. Ready kids?

Lindsay Lohan's so called 'heat exhaustion' this week has landed her in some hot water. Her's bosses on the film she's working on, "Georgia Rule", are NOT impressed. They have asked her to cease her 'discourteous, irresponsible and unprofessional' behavior, or it'll cost her.

The Smoking Gun has obtained THIS letter sent to Blohan the very afternoon she collapsed on the set. I HIGHLY doubt this is the first threat she's received from a studio and if her attitude persists it won't be the last.

What Has Beyonce Been Smoking?

Seriously, the publicity photos for her new album SUCK so bad, I can't get over it. She totally missed the mark with this release. These were dated before they went to print.

Beyonce, you could do SO much better than this. Fire yo mamma FAST.

JT & Cameron On VayCay in Hawaii

Cameron's still got a hot little ass.
I guess that's how she keeps her young boyfriend.

Who Is Hocking Their Clothes On EBAY?

Need some new threads? YOU can be one of the lucky ones to own the clothes off Tori's back. Just click HERE. Help a girl out. This poor little used-to-be rich girl, could use the money.


Happy Friday!

In honour of Pam's big day tomorrow......