Sunday, April 30, 2006


Ricky Gervais interviewing Chris Martin of Coldplay.
Glad he cleared up where the name "Apple" comes from.

Get Back With Nick Already

jess pissed
I haven't seen Jessica smile in weeks. Could she be missing Nick?
Maybe she's pissed at how terrible her skin is looking?
jess not pleased
Looks like she should of kept her ProActive endorsement deal.

You Don't HAVE To Miss Coachella

Click HERE to watch and listen now. LIVE!

I'm Not Half As Baked As You Dumb I Am

kfed baked

Saturday, April 29, 2006

You Ain't NEVER Seen The Robot Like THIS

LOVE These

stella adidas runners
The Fajera tennis shoe for Adidas by Stella McCartney.
Click HERE to check them out.

Charlie Needs A Valium Maybe?

charlie and denise
Check out the voice mails Charlie left for Denise HERE.
There are a couple pages. Some are pretty funny.
Doesn't change the fact that Denise is a conniving biatch but it's still great.

Marc Jacobs Has Picked His New FACE

pharrell 3
Pharrell Williams will be the new face for Vuitton.
Or at least that's the rumour.
Gives a bit more flavor than Hohan would of. Plus he's pretty yummy.
pharrell 1
pharrell 2

Sorry. Gotta Do It.

Friday, April 28, 2006

She's Still Got It

avril fingers
I thought Avril had lost her punk ass ways.

Mooriah Is Back! Holla!

mooriah is back
Mimi's in fine form in this demure little number.


sheen clothing line
This is not a joke nor a stunt on Punk'd. This is real and it's frightening. Charlie Sheen announces his new clothing line for children called "Sheen Kids". How clever. Who in their right mind would dress their daughters in clothes bearing his sleezy ass name? What timing he has in announcing the line a week after he's accused of possessing kiddie porn. He's dirty.

Oh and another thing. Please don't put your kids in Uggs. EVER.


guess who3


gisele guess who
Gisele! That's who!!!

Happy Friday Bitches!

happy friday 1

Panty Shot

guess who2
click to enlarge if you must

You were right LA.

Mischa Barton

What The????????

WTF is Christy Turlington wearing???
She wore THIS Wednesday to the Vanity Fair Party at the Tribeca Film Festival. She says it's the first time she'd been out in six months. As if that's ANY excuse.

Husband Stealing Slut

The NEW Angelina.

It's Time Once Again For.....

Your weekly ANTM ReCAP. Get it?
Click the link for the best recap on the net courtesy of FourFour.
Did I miss something? I didn't see Danielle agree to get her gap closed but by the time judging rolled around the gap was no where to be seen. It better be removable!
Buh Bye Nnenna. Go home and dump that wimp you call a boyfriend.
Danielle should win this year. She has been my fave from the start.

Did anyone catch when Furonda was getting judged and they said she looked pained in all her photos? Her response was "I was having extreme pain in my womanly place". LOL!!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

More Paula Moments

source - FourFour

make sure you check it out

good night all

Breaking News!

Rosie O'Donnell to replace Meredith Vieira on The View.
To be announced tomorrow morning.
I know. I know. Who cares right? Won't it be great when Rosie goes off on Star Jones every single morning. If she can make Star cry enough, she might just melt and float away. I bet Star will be gone in 6 months. Sorry Patricia Heaton. Guess that job search is back on!

Why The Long Face?

Those cutlets you got stuffed in your bra making you cold?
Paris Hilton attended the US Hot Hollywood Awards tonight.
Why was SHE there? To support the Hot I guess.
What's up Paris? You ain't looking so hot?
She looks a tad stiff and eerily cross eyed.

Sorry For The Lack Of Posts Guys

I've been feeling crappy today and tonight isn't any better.
I hope to post a ton of stuff tomorrow. If and when I feel better
I'll be right here posting useless stuff for us to talk about.

THIS Is Going To Be Good

Strangers With Candy movie trailer. Starring the lovely Amy Sedaris.

Quote of the Week

tom cruise1
Sorry. I can't resist.
I too wish Tom would go away but this quote is just too good.

"Katie is a young girl's name. Her name is Kate now; she's a child-bearing woman."

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Note To Self

Don't Park Next To Paris

Something That's Makes Me Wonder

has sex with THIS!
marliyn manson

Avril's Looking Taut And Haute

avril taute and haute
I've yet to see her looking nasty in over a year. She is improving with age. Hopefully her music will too. Although I doubt it. Still I like her. She's a Canadian badass.
avril lavigne

Someone Get That Girl A Bra

natalie and helena
Natalie Portman looks like she's twelve still to me. Helena needs to stay out of the sun for awhile. A LONG while. Once you hit 30 the sun is NOT your friend.


guess who1

I Hereby Pronounce YOU...........

becks yum
David Beck Yum
Here he is this week in London with what's her face.

How Can Life Be THAT Perfect?

angie and brad sahara
This looks like a still from a movie shoot. These photos of Brad & Angelina were taken last week in Namibia where they are awaiting the birth of their superspawn. Now that's going to be a big day!

Any guesses as to what they will name their lucky little baby?

photo - getty images

Kick of the Week

ck bootie
The Calvin Klein Tejus open-toe bootie. New for Fall 2006.
Isn't it gorge?


sarah turn
Tonight it SHOULD be Sarah's turn to go. She just doesn't get IT.
At the beginning I had high hopes for her but she isn't comfortable
in her skin yet.
Come to think of it, I'd love to see Jade's cocky ass kicked to the curb.


britbrit does marilyn
Britney Spears is holding a press conference on May the 4th for record executives and some chosen media. It is being speculated that she will announce her pregnancy and bring up rumours about her marriage. Even a rep from BMG said that they have no idea what it is about but that "it must be big". So tune in May 4th. If she's just going to promote a tour and this is just a scam that the record company is pulling to get us all to care, WELL IT's WORKING.

Oh Man -I Can't Wait. ok maybe I can.

Your Weekly Paula

Paula was in FINE form on last nights American Idol. At first when I saw her I thought she looked too clear eyed and perky. That only lasted for the first 10 minutes. After that she didn't let me down.

THIS is what happened to her after hearing Elliott sing.
Girl what are you crying for?
paula crying

Gotta love Simon. I'd be laughing too.
simon laughing

Paula was on FIRE!
paula nuts

paula you da man

BTW - PLEASE Please Please stop voting for Kelli Pickler.

Photos - dlisted

She Did The Rubbin' He Did The Tuggin'

This started off as a blind item a couple weeks ago with much speculation as to who the aging actor could be. Michael Douglas came to mind for alot of us, but we were wrong.

Kevin Costner settled out of court today. A massage therapist at Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews, Scotland - where he and his wife Christine spent their honeymoon in 2004, accused Kevin of 'pleasuring himself' while receiving his massage. EWWWWWWW. When she complained to her boss she was fired but I'd say she/we have the last laugh.

Hey Kev - It's whack to JACK!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What IS Sexy?

what is sexy
These three bitches. That's what!
Adriana Lima, Izabel Goulart & Alessandra Ambrosio
helped celebrate with Victoria's Secret.
Brazil makes the best looking women, I swear.

Careful! THAT hairflip could HURT somebody!
She really IS a SUPERmodel!

CLIP Of The Week

THIS show use to scare the shit out of me. I couldn't watch it downstairs when I was a kid. Too scary. Those Sleestacks were freaky shit! You know what else is freaky? I use to wish I had Holly's hair.

Looks Like.............

hair club
SOMEONE has joined Hair Club For Men.

Those bangs are horrific!