Friday, June 30, 2006

Quick! Hide Your Handbag!

Winona Ryder is back on the scene with a new film, A Scanner Darkly. She's making the press rounds. If I run into her I think I'll glue a twenty to the curb and see if she goes for it. No for real, it's nice to see her out. She hasn't aged a bit.

Alert! Alert! Hasselhoff Injured!

I loves me some David Hasselhoff gossip.....

"David had just finished working out in the gym at the hotel where he was staying. He was getting ready to shave and bent down but when he stood up David hit his head on a glass shelf and it shattered."

"Some of the glass got into his hand and cut it quite badly." She added: "The fact that he needs surgery to repair a tendon suggests it was quite a nasty cut, but he's in surgery right now, and hopefully not in too much pain."

Oh man, now the guy's got an excuse to pop more vicodin. Let's hope he can get back on his feet and be back running in slowmo in no time.


Oh NO! Not Another Baby Dropping Incident!?!

I kid I kid.


TomKat Becomes One?

Rumours are circulating that this weekend TomKat may tie the knot.
Keep your eyes open people!

Purple Makes Everything Better

Mariah says she eats only purple foods 3 days a week.

"“It sounds off-the-wall but it'’s a huge injection of healthy food. Purple products are nature's best weapons in the battle against aging. There's a saying that, a plum a day keeps a facelift away."

On these 3 days, she also only will wear pink, travels by unicorn and sleeps at the end of a rainbow. Probably amongst her butterfly collection.

source - dlisted

Happy Friday!

GUESS WHO? Time To Reveal

Since the right answer was correctly guessed by RED.....
(um Red, you want to tell us something?) :)
I honestly thought no one would get it.....

Josh Duhamel - cha ching!

Tori Gets A Public Slap

Candy Spelling released this statement yesterday, letting the world know just how selfish Tori is,

"We are deeply saddened that, during our time of loss and grief, we are forced to respond to the media frenzy caused by the mean-spirited and surprising comments made by Tori to the press, just two days after the passing of [AARON SPELLING]. As we try to honor his memory with love and respect, the sudden media frenzy she has created at this sensitive time is hurtful and very disturbing. Aaron's legacy deserved pure and unadulterated tribute and recognition which, sadly, has been tainted.

"Everyone deals with grief in a different way, and since Tori chose not to be here at that time, we believe she is having a harder time dealing with that loss. We understand how difficult it might have been for her to be here, and, perhaps, more difficult for her after she arrived. Aaron loved both his children with all his heart, and he understood how hard it was for her.

"We hope Aaron will be remembered with reverence and spirit for the monumental legacy he has left and not for the petty and tabloid headlines which have marred his articles of remembrance. We have mourned our great loss as a family and will continue to do so as that is what Aaron deserved."

How Funny Is Coco?

THIS funny.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

CLIP Of The Week

This was not originally going to be my "Clip of the Week" but after watching it again tonight and seeing that it's been viewed over 6.5 MILLION times on YouTube, it must be shared some more. This clip has garnered quite the following. Not to mention Kevin Smith parodied these girls in an ad for Clerks 2. If you haven't seen it already, you might as well hit it. It's a couple of cute teen girls who made a music video, with slick editing, to an AMAZING song by The Pixies. Today while searching my clips I came across it again and holy crap - it's like the biggest vid on YouTube evah! These young ladies must be FREAKING OUT. This is exactly what I would of been doing if we had YouTube back in my day. But noooooo, I had to grow up in the Age of the Cassette Tape.

Caption THIS

Looks Like Someone Didn't Get An Invite?

Or did Teri Hatcher just not show up? She was too busy enjoying the beach in the Caribbean with her daughter I guess. Teri's just jealous that she's the only single Housewife left. Keep dating short gay men and you'll stay that way Teri.

She could share clothes with her 9 year old.

Looks like Marcia Cross had a wonderful time at her wedding.
These are great shots.

photos - People

Kick of the Week

Nike+ "Air Zoom Moire" Athletic Shoe $99.95 US. This shoe communicates with your iPod nano (Nike+ iPod Sport Kit required). Slip the Nike+ sensor into the Air Zoom Moire shoe pocket, and the sensor will transmit your speed, distance, pace and calories burned through your iPod headphones. Then, iTunes automatically uploads your workouts to, so you can track your progress, challenge friends and more.

Check it out HERE.

Dude! A shoe that's Nano compatible? What's next? An LCD on the inside pocket of my handbag? Now THAT would be more like it since I HATE to work out.

What In The World? Is The Sky Falling?

MK shocks the world and left the shopping cart at home.
I think she even took a shower. Good job!

photo - ohnotheydidn't

Still On! Don't Try To Hide It.

I think they've got their morning glow on.

Photogenic Jessica Is BACK

She looks great.

photos - celebritynation

10 Bucks Says She Won't Get Her Hair Wet

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban - Tahiti Honeymoon Day 3

photo - celebritynation

No More Jewels For You!

Neil Lane, jeweler of the stars, has filed a lawsuit today that claims Janice Dickinson 'borrowed' several items for a photoshoot and has not seen her or the jewels since.

Dickinson "received jewelry on loan for a photo shoot... Among the pieces loaned were a pair of diamond earrings, valued at $52,000; a turquoise , pearl and gold necklace, valued at $14,000; a coral and gold necklace, valued at $17,500; and turquoise and pearl earrings, valued ay $4,500." Lane says that Dickinson has failed to return the loaned jewelry, claiming "the pieces were either lost or stolen from her home."

Lane says in the lawsuit that their insurance company investigated and determined Dickinson's theft story to be "dubious."

She's such a hot mess she probably put them in the freezer and forgot about it. Let's hope this is really a mix up and that Janice didn't hock them for drug money.

source - tmz


Yup. It's my girl Kate.
Vanessa you were first to get it right. WTG!

Blog Of The Week

Gallery of the Absurd - go check it out. The artist, 14, has it dialed.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Honeymoon - Day Two

They've already run out of stuff to talk about.
Do they look hot for each other or what?

Tori Plays The Blame Game

Tori never did make it home to see her dad before he passed.

From USWeekly

On the night of June 23, Tori Spelling sat in Betty’s restaurant in Toronto, Canada, when she received the heartbreaking news via BlackBerry that her father, legendary producer, Aaron, had passed away: “A friend of mine had seen a TV report and e-mailed me, ‘I’m so sorry. I just heard your father died.’ And I was just in total shock,” Tori tells Us. Her sorrow quickly turned to anger.

“My first thought was, I can’t believe my mom didn’t call me!” Actually, it wasn’t a total surprise since Tori, 33, and her mom, Candy have been in a longstanding feud. Because of the estrangement, the self-proclaimed daddy’s girl had only seen her 83-year-old father – whose health had been failing for months – on one occasion since last September. And that tearful visit, at the urging of her brother, Randy, 27 (also an actor), was on June 11, just two weeks before Aaron Spelling died.

Tori remembers their final conversation. “The last words he spoke to me were over the phone a couple of days before he passed,” she recalls to Us. “He said, ‘I love you, babe.’ ”

Now THIS Looks Like Fun

This sweet little keychain is called the TV-B-Gone. Sick of being completely distracted by the 300 TV screens blaring in the back of the store while trying to choose a new book or CD? Let the TV-B-Gone save you. This precious keychain turns off virtually ANY television with the press of a button. Now be creative, think of all the fun you could have with this. Neighbour pissing you off? Turn off his TV during the last 3 minutes of The World Cup Final. That'll teach him. Boyfriend being a jerk? Oh sorry honey. I guess the cable is out tonight.

Check out this wonderful little invention HERE. For $15.99 it's a bargain.

Oh How I Hate These Three Little Words

What's For Dinner?

This Orgasm Comes With A Mirror

This blush may be old school to some but I had stayed away because frankly, the name bugged me. Well, in need of a new blush was I, so I decided to give Nars Orgasm a shot because there's just no escaping the numerous great reviews and press I've read. My curiousity was too strong. Plus I could order it online so I didn't have to 'say it'.

Two months later...... and you know what? I'm sold. It gives you the PERFECT glow. That 'just after' look. I'm telling you ladies - it's a 10 out of 10. Check it out Here. At Sephora for $25 US.

Guess Who?

Brit it is.

She Needs To Date Someone HOT

I'm a fan of Maria Menounos. I know, she hasn't done much, Entertainment Tonight and now Access Hollywood, but there is something about her that I like and I'd like to see more of her. Here are some candids of the 28 year old on the set of Jessica Simpson's new video. Maria has talked in the past of what it was like to be an overweight teen and how she worked her butt off to look this hot.

I'd like to see the paps get more shots of her out and about.
Come on Maria. Go hit on someone high profile. Say Nick Lachey?

photos - savingface


These two can help each other check for coke boogers.

photo - Hollywoodrag

Um Can You Help Me A Sec?

Can you see any coke under my nose?

Here look. Can you?

On another note - girl needs to stay out of the sun. I see neck rings.

photos - ohnotheydidnt

Quote of the Week

Brad Pitt spoke of his three children with Newsweek,

"Whether you have them or adopt them, they're all blood. And the funniest people I've ever met. It's absolutely sublime... I look at Zahara and imagine what her life could have been. You want to grab as many of these kids in your arms as you can. They need our help, and we should be doing more."

I know..... barf.

source - celebritynation

Take THAT Star

Get out and Stay out!

Good luck to you, you ungrateful bitch. Aren't you glad you won't be seeing her on TV again EVER? Click her forehead to see Barbara Walters explain how she made Star a star, today on The View. No one is going to hire her now. Maybe QVC but not likely.

Federline Yo

Do You Think I'm FAT?

Believe it or not, that's what Posh has been asking. In order to lose the 'revolting' 6lbs she felt she needed to before being photographed at World Cup, Posh ate only sushi and fruit according to Britain's People newspaper. "Victoria's wasting away and there is nothing we can do about it. Although she is undoubtedly one of the sexiest women in the world her arms and legs look very thin. Sometimes she looks so thin you worry she might snap in two." NO? I'm shocked!

Who are they kidding? That woman never eats and never smiles. I'm convinced her jaw is sewn shut.


That Axel, He's Crazy

Don't mess with him. He'll f*ck you up. Ain't that right Tommy?

Axel Rose was arrested in Stockholm yesterday for allegedly biting a security guards leg. All the guy was trying to do was bust up an argument Axel was having with a woman in the Bern Hotel lobby. Rose "was deemed too intoxicated to be questioned" at the time of the arrest, and spent yesterday morning sobering up in a holding cell before cops grilled him. He was released after paying a $5500 fine and is scheduled to play in Oslo tonight. Good luck to him and all around him.

Source - Page Six

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Still Ticking

Bob Barker is 83 and he's still a pimp.
The Price Is Right will soon be celebrating 35 years on the air.

Disturbing New Trend

No! No! No! Make it stop. How could ANYONE think this is hot?
This new trend made the rounds tonight at the BET Awards.

Come on! Who would HIT THAT? (besides Paris)

photos - hwb

The Dynamic Duo Are Crazy HOT

Jay Z & Beyonce put on an amazing performance at the BET Awards tonight.

Beyonce is on FIRE!

photos - hwb

Burberry Takes Kate Back

Nine months after they fired her over the 'coke scandal', Kate Moss has become the new face of Burberry for their Fall 06 campaign.

source -