Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wait A Minute. I Just Noticed Something.

They're practically TWINS!!!!!

Who's got Tanorexia?

The Guilty

New School
jess ash tanfergie
linds tanparis tan

Old School
george hamiltonRobert Evans

And The Queen

Oh NO. It's Spreading!

I see you Teri. You think you can distract me with those big ass orange flowers on your chest and your porn star hat? I see you. Oh sure. Just because you AND your daughter have matching Crocs you think I'm not going to say something??? Give your head a shake and get back in the garden.

photo - savingface

Look Out! Sharp Limbs Coming Through

sharp limbs
Posh might stab someone with her elbow if she's not careful.
sharp limbs1
Eat something before we make a wish-bone out of you.

photos- celebrag

Two Nuts NOT Better Than One

When asked on The View whether she dates Jim Carrey, for once in her life Jenny McCarthy had nothing to say. "No comment. Let's move on to the next topic."

They were recently spotted enjoying an intimate dinner on May 20 at LA hotspot M Cafe de Chaya and have been linked together since December but deny they are dating. Could you imagine the craziness that would go on at that dinner table? If you think about it, they're made for each other. They both go on and on and on and never know when to quit.


Kick of the Week

This shoe is haute haute haute.
Bottega Veneta's Tournabuoni pump - for Fall 06.
Not for sale yet but you can bet it will be pricey.
Only the obnoxiously rich wear white after Labour Day.
A girl can dream.

Is Anne Heche Really A Spy???

Jessica Simpson seems to think so. When Jess arrived at GQ's private celebrity poker tournament last week in LA she pointed out an odd blonde woman sitting in the corner to security. According to The Insider Jessica asked event staffers to give Heche the boot because she was convinced that Heche was a tabloid reporter looking for dirt.

Simpson didn't give up until she finally walked by her more closely to see that it WAS indeed Heche's freaky self.

Nice Try Buddy

KFed's up to something and it's NOT going to work.

KFed is about to go KFud.

this will conclude all kfed stuff for the day promise

Quote of the Week

KFed on fatherhood:

"It's completely unfair when a child is brought into this world and now he's already looked at like a prince. My kids are going to have to learn what a real job is, what life is. You don't have it easy with me. Period....My kids are going to work at Taco Bell, dammit."

Dude - how much easier do you want it????

Hot New Couple Alert

Is it new? I think it's new.
Jennifer Esposito & Bradley Cooper out and about in NYC.

Seems many of you aren't familiar with Bradley. He starred in 'Failure to Launch' with SJP & Matthew McConaughy as Matt's more interesting and better looking best friend. Not a great movie obviously but Bradley was good. He was also in Alias and the short lived Kitchen Confidential. At the moment he stars on Broadway with Julia Roberts in Three Days of Rain.

photos - celebritynation

Even Anderson's 'Not Down' With KFed

LOVE it!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Still Together!

Brit and her Manny.

photo -

BAG Of The Week

Hogan Small Andie Canvas/Leather Tote $456 US.
Check it out HERE.

I scanned this pic from the May 06 Flare.

Soho Lovely

Halle was out shopping in Soho yesterday.
She looks very cute here.

Damn you and your childless breasts!

photos - hwb

Can't Wait!

Entourage has new shows starting in 2 weeks.
Click HERE to see the Season 3 trailer.
Season 2 comes out on DVD on June 6.


Nice one Red! You take this one.
The butt above belongs to Nelly Furtado.
The newly single Nelly enjoyed a holiday in Barbados last week.

Why Must You Dress Like A BAD 80's Flashback?

Come on Mariah! That dress went out of style with Samantha Fox.

Baby Number 3?

Every single time the rumour mill swirls about her marriage being in jeopardy - Reese gets knocked up. Here are some recent candids that kinda sorta maybe look like she could be a wee bit ripe. What do you think?

Monday, May 29, 2006

Help Me Keep THESE Off Our Streets

Lately I've been noticed a new 'trend' and it ain't pretty folks. It's the Croc. They are popping up in places where they don't belong. I've seen 3 out in various locations just in the past 10 days or so. Why in gods name must you wear your mofo Crocs out to the grocery store? Wearing them while you trim your begonias is one thing but please - not beyond your property line. Keep your Croc in your Crocin' gardens aiiight???

Especially the neon pink ones - yes lady you.

See the back yard shoe HERE.

We FINALLY Have Something First

Canada's first Adidas Originals boutique has opened right here in Vancouver. You'll find alot more than just a bunch of great kicks. The racks are stacked with all their exclusive collections. 848 Granville Street (778)371-9117

Click here for the link.

Vag Gone Wrong

WTF???? Paris got a crotch full of 'something' while shooting her music video in Cannes last week. Did a crab fall in there or is a crab trying to get out of there? I can't tell.

Look! Tom's Opened Up A Can Of Whoop Ass!

Katie Holmes
Good ol' Tom is showing Katie who's boss.
Working hard whipping her into shape.
He's even got Katie out in the yard teaching her drills.
He's gone all Maverick on her ass.
Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes
I can't take it anymore either Katie!!!
Katie Holmes

photos - ohnotheydidnt

Trends Of Summer 2006

Sunglasses bigger than your boobs are a MUST.
PLUS don't forget your scarf with that bikini!
A cold neck is so 2005.

photo - savingface


It's TORI Spelling-McDermott - or whatever her name is now.
Once again - the queen of blog guess who's - LA wins.
She was the only contestant I might add.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back ON!

It looks like Jude & Sienna are back on for good, well er I mean for now.
The hopeless romantics spent the day shopping in Malibu.

I hope they bought some better clothes.

BRAVO Cindy!

Cindy Crawford is SMOKING in this months Italian GQ.