Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tom's Going To Keep His Ass On Oprah's Couch

Katie Holmes and Oprah Winfrey are encouraging Tom Cruise to save his reputation and return to Oprah's show to prove to us all that he's not crazy. Is that even possible?

From Life&Style Weekly ~

Things started to unravel for Tom when he appeared on Oprah Winfrey's talk-show last year and jumped up and down on her sofa to proclaim his love for Katie Holmes. His antics got stranger from there, and eventually he was dumped by his studio, Paramount Pictures.

But this time, instead of wrecking his reputation, he’s trying to fix it.

"Tom needs to repair his image and Oprah is more than glad to help him," the insider says. "She feels partially responsible for what happened because it all started on her show."

Unless he's sitting on her couch in a "Scientologists Can Kiss My Ass" tshirt - I'm not buying it. OR maybe if he sits there while crunching on a half dozen Xanax? Nah, he's still all kinds of crazy.



Anonymous said...

I agree. He is still "all kinds of crazy." Anything he does to clean up his rep now is nothing more than damage control. It doesn't change the underlying insanity that caused him to act out in the first place.

What do you expect though from someone whose "religion" teaches them that human beings descended from aliens.

prunella jones said...

LOL Good one, Leisa. I want one of those tee shirts!

Sebastien said...

One t-shirt for me too!! Ahh, poor Tom Cruise will never be able to hide his craziness, and his eccentric nature will only be made worse with age...How I can't wait for future hilariousness!!