Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Rainbow Made Her Do It

We finally have answers as to what happened between everyone's favourite newlyweds. Jessica Simpson spent her third wedding anniversary in Africa on behalf of Operation Smile which helps children with facial deformities.

"I went there on our three-year wedding anniversary. He stayed home. On that day, everything became so clear. "I was in hospitals with all these sick kids, and I was looking at the beauty of this whole different world. I just knew I needed to find something more in my life - on my own. "I prayed, then looked up at the sky, and I'd never seen this before - it was a double rainbow. It was the most gorgeous thing ever. "From that moment on, I've listened to Judy Garland's Somewhere Over The Rainbow every single day." Soon after Simpson returned home, she told Lachey she wanted a divorce. She adds, "At some point we realised that everything is not what we expected it to be, as hurtful as that may be."


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LA said...

She's full of shit. On that trip, she did a photo-op, and then she said she was too sick to continue her duties. THEN, she went on a full-blown safari! I thought she was too sick?

She thinks we have no memory, and sadly, most people don't.