Sunday, October 29, 2006

F&CK The Police

Harsh headline, I know, I'm in a 'mood'. After spending some time this summer at the Hollywood Police Dept. when she was stopped for a DUI and after the smack down with Shanna, Paris decided to disgrace the uniform over the weekend at a Halloween costume party.

photos - gossiprocks


LA said...

I'm sure Paris did f*ck the police! The fire department, too!

Vanessa said...

Anyone know when Bluefly is doing their next sweepstakes? I see that LuxCouture has a sweepstakes for a Giorgio Brato handbag at

Any other good sweepstakes out there? It helps with the holiday shopping list, so figured I’d start some postings on it so we can share info (sure we’re competing against each other but hey, we all improve chances of winning something when we know about them).

Anonymous said...

What the heck is vanessa talking about???

Anonymous said...

Did Paris join the Sex Police?