Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mischa Wants Normal

Mischa Barton tells UK Vogue Magazine ~

"I have dated actors and I have to say it's a very odd experience. It's a little unsettling to be with someone who cares about how they look as much as you do. I would have to have a guy with humour and a sense that they are comfortable with themselves."

Could of fooled me. There is no way in hell she looked in the mirror before heading out last night looking like THIS. She had perfectly lovely hair before. Her 'highlights' or should I say streaks looks cheap and the bangs.....ugh. I'm a big hater of bangs. When I see bangs I think - "zit blocker".

photo - celebitchy


kikadee said...

No, Leisa, noooo! I have bangs, I've had them since I first grew hair (which is a little weird, but that's for another time) and I can assure you that my forehead is smooth and blemish-free. I'm with you on the cheap streaks, though ; )

Leisa said...

Oh sorry Kikadee - I guess what I mean is when someone has "sudden" bangs - it's a zit alert. I know I've done it. I'm sure your bangs look lovely - you've been workin' them for a lifetime. I trust you.

Anonymous said...

Get a load of that hair. She looks like she's ready for a swingin' date with Austin Powers.