Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Reason Reese Kicked Ryan To The Curb?

Ryan Phillippe has strayed. Well at least according to The Enquirer ~

The Enquirer says Reese, 30, found secret messages from a mystery woman on Ryan's Blackberry! The magazine also has a source who tells them Ryan, 32, shared an intimate dinner with Stop Loss co-star, Reese look-alike Abbie Cornish, 24, on as the movie wrapped recently in Austin, Texas.

"They asked for the restaurant staff to pull curtains around their table, so no one could see them," says the source. The Enquirer then cites an unconfirmed blog poster who says "As we left, we could see them clearly making out behind the partition."

What a dumbass! Although I'll bet Reese can be a real bitch.

source - star

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