Monday, October 16, 2006

BigGreaseHead Needs Cash

Brandon Davis, FireCrotch originator and greasy oil heir, bounced a cheque for $10,000 US that he wrote to Joe Francis. If he don't pay up, Joe will have him squealing like a schoolgirl in no time. Ain't payback a bitch?

From Page Six ~

Though he made fun of Lindsay"Firecrotch" Lohan, scoffing that she "only" had $7 million, the grandson of supposed billionaire Marvin Davis bounced a $10,000 check he gave to "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis, and he's also said to owe record producer Scott Storch and The Palm casino owner George Maloof. Other clues the Davis clan isn't as liquid as was believed: Brandon's aunt, Patty Davis Raynes, is suing the family for more inheritance; his grandmother, Barbara, sold the family's estate in Beverly Hills for close to $42 million; and sources say Nancy Davis (Brandon's mom) is quietly selling her Bel Air home for around $15 million. Before Brandon told Page Six, "[Bleep] you," and hung up, he explained that his check had bounced because he was switching banks and that he'd paid Francis back in cash (which Francis denies). The check, a copy of which was obtained by Page Six, states it was refused for "insufficient funds."

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