Monday, October 23, 2006

Courtney Love Tells Her Mom To Stay Away

Courtney Love would prefer to consider herself an orphan. Courtney, 42, daughter of Hank Harrison and Linda Carroll, claims to of been on her own since the age of 7.

"I don't really have parents. I have never had parents. I haven't spoken to my father in 25 years. My mother claims I have spoken to her, but I haven't. Maybe I spoke to her to say, 'Stay away from me.' "I haven't lived with my mother since I was seven. I was either at boarding school or institutionalised. She first tried to send me to a school for emotionally disturbed children in New Zealand. Because I was conceived by a rape, she had all this crazy stuff in her head."

What a fine job she's done at raising herself to adulthood. Hey Courtney - you crazy.


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