Wednesday, October 04, 2006

QUOTE Of The Week

“When something is so, so sick, it’s risiculous. It’s sick and ridiculous. Risiculous. See, I have my own dictionary.”

~ Fergie

She's a freakin' genius.


Anonymous said...

i just want to know why in hell she spells her album's title "dutchess." i know she's playing off the whole fergie-pea-fergie-princess thing (princess and the pea! har har har!) but does she also happen to be from holland?!

Vanessa said...

You know, I just walked by this in the grocery but I'm bummed on closer inspection. Where is the world's best pot? Damn Fergie and her underpants for making me pass this by.

Leisa said...

Good catch Vanessa! Now I'm curious. I do believe the best pot to be from Vancouver, B.C., or so I'm told........ heh