Wednesday, October 11, 2006

PLEASE Tell Me I'm Dreaming

Or should I say..... Wake me up from this nightmare.

Uggs are just that, UGH! The kick that won't quit just got even more obnoxious. In order to be sure the public keeps buying and we keep noticing, they've added a fur legwarmer to it. And to think I was beginning to look forward to a Winter free of Uggs sightings. Of course there'll be the odd few out there who didn't get the memo, those who just finished a Summer rockin' the Crocs. I had prayed people had finally retired them along with their hair extensions and velour tracksuits. Please dear lord of fashion - let me be right. Let this Winter be free of Uggly-ness.

Check them out if you dare. Don't be stepping to THIS.

please forgive me makers of Uggs.


oldwiseone said...

Hey I had a pair of boots that looked eerily similar to those in the early 80s - of course I called them mukluks and they cost less than 20 bucks... But I was stylin' in my mukluks and rugbby pants let me tell ya

jen said...

Yah, do not like those!
A girl in my acting class last night had some on, she's preggers so I allowed it but m,y goodness I'm so ver those and wonder why everyone else isn't?

Anonymous said...

Many people are not over it. I read it's a big hit this winter and will remain so. They are practical where I live (8,000 ft., Rockies) but I can't imagine them wearing these in the cities and stuff. Do they?