Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Hey Calista! Some Old Dude's Sleeping In Your Ride!"

Security on the set of the new tv drama Brothers & Sisters is tight, so when guards came across some old guy asleep in the back of Calista Flockhart's car, they called the police.

"The guards told Calista some old guy had crawled into her car to go to sleep and that they'd called the cops to have him removed. Just as they were explaining the situation Harrison, looking dishevelled, sat up and asked, 'What's all the commotion?' Calista giggled as the guards apologized, saying they didn't realise it was Harrison."

source - starpulse


LA said...

I've watched the new show a couple times. My jury is still out. I thought the first week was very good with lots of smart dialogue. The second week blew. I'll give it another episode or two.

Anyone else?

Eddie said...

this is funny. Poor Harrison. Go Indiana go.