Monday, October 23, 2006

This Makes Me Sad

This new advertisment in which Michael J. Fox pleads with government to allow stem cell research really strikes a chord with me. My father has Parkinson's and it has reduced him to a wheel chair, he can no longer feed himself or speak. It's an ugly disease. Michael was lucky enough to have controversial brain surgery at a young age that helped his tremors for the most part until now. From this ad, it is obvious the disease is taking a toll, but at least he still cares enough about our future to not go down without a fight. No one has a bad thing to say about MJF, a local Vancouver boy, Burnaby to be exact, he's still Canadian although he received dual citizenship in the late 8o's. He always has a smile on his face - just as we like to remember Alex P. Keaton.


Anonymous said...

He is really an inspiration to everyone. He has held his head high at all times, continued to work even after his disease took hold and continues to be a great voice for Parkinsons. We can all learn from his example.

Scottsdale Girl said...

Dearest Leisa
I am so sorry to hear this about your Daddy. I send my prayers...and yes MJF is an absolute inspiration.