Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Couldn't fool many of you - even with the old picture. Jessica Simpson it is! Congrats to a couple of anon's who were first but props to Stefanie for using a name.

Here's some pics of Jessica leaving Il Sole on Sunday. She looks like her old self again here. The best I've seen her look in at least a year. Agree?

photos - gossiprocks


Scottsdale Girl said...

She looks much better without "Crazy Eyes" goin on, that is for sure.

Stefanie said...

YAY,... i'm 2 for 2.. I'm learning, i'm learning.. This stay-at-home mom stuff allows me time to catch up on my gossip!!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica does look a ton better. She was starting to look a little hard there for awhile.