Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Is This Part Of Paris' 12 Step Program?

Last week Paris made nice with ex-bff Nicole Richie and now THIS.

Hilton and Lohan reconciled in Las Vegas this weekend, where they stayed together at the Palms Hotel and gambled until the early hours of the morning. Hilton tells LuxeLife, "Lindsay and I were sitting around in LA with no plans and no dates so we decided to just come to Vegas and party. "Lindsay and I are good friends and we both are single, solo and love Vegas, so why not on the spur of the moment just fly in?" Lohan adds, "We're here for fun and we're going to enjoy it."



Sebastien said...

That's Paris in the water? Damn she's really bony.

Vanessa said...

Damn has she got chiggers? Explain to us again how Lindsey is the firecrotch.

Hannah said...

I just wanna say that you are doing a great job in your blog!!!