Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Got Pills? Let's Party!

Where will all the emaciated and strung out celebrities be hanging tomorrow night? Carmen Electra is hosting a launch party for a new diet pill called NV.

"NV™’s unique three complex formula is a simple way to enhance a woman’s figure, radiate beauty and increase energy," said Electra. "I can identify with a woman’s desire to make her outer appearance match her inner glow, which is why my secret to maintaining my looks, energy and confidence is NV™

They may have DJ Samantha Ronson but it really won't matter what music is blasting, this crowd doesn't stand still. Speed will do that to you.

Who do you think will show up besides.......



LA said...

and don't forget Dave Navarro! ;)

Vanessa said...

Is that last pic Jessica Simpson? WTF is wrong with her eyeballs? She's on something powerfully illegal or my Betty ain't ready.