Thursday, October 05, 2006

KICK Of The Week

I love a shoe that has a little extra somethin' somethin'. These lizard pumps, with their 4" leather-covered heels, have it. Gorge!


Anonymous said...

i am drooling

OC Tracy said...

OMG! Sexy minds think alike! I bought this shoe a few weeks ago when it landed on the Neiman Marcus website. However, they're a smidgin' too small. I called Neiman's today to exchange them and they're all sold out!!! Yikes! what's a girl to do?? do you happen to know of another site - perhaps Canadian - that is selling the shoe? i found you by googling the designer but so far, i'm not having any luck.

Signed, Barefoot in the OC

Leisa said...

I'll look into it. Check