Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fight! Fight! Fight!

There's a new Queen in town and her name is Shanna Moakler. Last night she bitch slapped Paris Hilton inside Hyde nightclub. She apparently had been shouting profanities at Paris throughout the evening and when Paris threw her drink on her, Shanna hit her in the face with a closed fist.

Shanna is pissed that Paris has been slutting around with her not-yet ex-husband, Travis Barker. She had already been leaving 'menacing' phone messages for Paris.

From TMZ ~

Paris Hilton and publicist, Elliot Mintz then went to the LAPD's Hollywood Division, where she filed a police report, alleging battery.

We're told Moakler also went to the station to file a report against Paris' companion that evening, Stavros Niarchos, alleging that he poured a drink over her head. A source tells TMZ that Moakler alleges that Niarchos shoved her down some stairs.

We're told police took photos of both women at the station, though it's unclear if either showed visible signs of injury.

Mintz told TMZ, "I would encourage Paris, with the consent of her attorney, to seek a restraining order against Moakler to prevent any escalation of this irrational and dangerous behavior."

We're told some of the dancers from "Dancing with the Stars" witnessed the incident. Moakler was a contestant on the show but has already been eliminated from the competition.

Drama Drama Drama. I can't believe it took this long for someone to punch her.



Mr. Fabulous said...

Saucy BlogMad hit!

LA said...

I am PRAYING someone got some video of this!

I can't believe these bitches are fighting over a dog like Travis Barker, my apologies to dogs everywhere.

Anonymous said...

UGHHH!! I totally second la's comment. That's all that was running through my head when I saw this. Imagine him as joe blow strutting around your hometown...would any woman seriously look twice at him?

Its not even the tatoos (although that many on anyone is a turnoff for me) he looks like dirty heroin addicted weasel.

Although come to think of it...what better a partner for Ms. Hilton!