Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Too Bad. A Pink TacoDome Would Of Been Awesome.

The Arizona Cardinals turned down the chance to be naming rights partners with Harry Morton's Pink Taco chain, for the team's new stadium.

"We're in serious discussions with companies about naming rights, and Pink Taco is not one of them," Cardinals spokesman, Mark Dalton said Monday. Dalton believes the offer is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

"A $30 million PR stunt would be pretty expensive," Morton said.

"We are serious about this." Morton held a press conference Monday to announce the offer and even showed up with a $5 million dollar cheque to prove it.

"We have the edge and the cache to elevate the stature of the stadium," Morton said. "And we will deliver celebrity." We know for sure his main squeeze Lindsay Lohan would show up. She'll go anywhere.

Dalton said the Cardinals organization was put off by the scheduling of the press conference Monday, but Morton said it's simply the way his company does business.

Scottsdale's Pink Taco restaurant opened this summer after a wave of publicity about the outrage of the mayor over the name. Already open in Las Vegas with plans of expanding the chain to San Diego, Chicago and Dallas.

I posted this clip when it first aired back in June, but it's just too damn funny to not post again.



Scottsdale Girl said...

Yeah......publiity stunt. Myh boss actually thinks they have good food. which means we need to switch places

Scottsdale Girl said...

Damn publicity