Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hot In The Hills

Jessica Alba took the time yesterday to work even harder on that perfect figure of hers. You'd think that once you look that good you'd take a breather. First she was spotted at the gym in LA and here she is hiking the Hollywood Hills shortly after with her pooch.

Lucky dog.

source - hwb


LA said...

According to Lainey, this is one of the biggest byotches in the biz.

Leisa said...

I know - I'm here in Vancouver where all the bitchy hype is HUGE. She may be a big bitch but she's still hot.

Jen said...

She's got a great body but obviously no brain, she should be shot for letting her Pit Bull off leash with out a dog and I were almost eaten by one the other day at the dog park, I snapped on the owner, idiots!!