Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hot? NOT! Couple Alert

Well as you know I'm a little late reporting this news but I'm still reeling. Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are doing it! They are bumping ugly and making even uglier music together. He does NOT seem like her type at all. He mocks paparazzi hungry celebrities. Check out this clip on TMZ from back in May. But then again, he did date Jennifer Love Hewitt didn't he? He did. Very strange indeed. The pair have been doing a good job keeping it under wraps but both People and US Weekly broke the news yesterday. They went to dinner back in July for their first date and now get together whenever they can. In the past two days, both artists have cancelled their tours due to sudden onset laryngitis. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Jessica will walk the red carpet for the MTV Awards this weekend but she won't be speaking or singing, doctor's orders.

What a tease.

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