Thursday, August 24, 2006

Is The Secret Out?

Personally I've never heard of Jesse McCartney but today he's my hero. While the 19 year old pop singer was on air with an Atlanta radio station, he was being teased by the hosts about his girlfriend Katie Cassidy. Katie has been cast as Lucy Ewing in the big screen version of Dallas. When they asked him the REAL reason why Jennifer Lopez dropped out of the film he blurted,

"She didn't get fired. She's pregnant."

When the microphones were off, he just looked at the woman with him and asked, 'Was I not supposed to say anything?"

Oh man - J Lo is going to FREAK!
Her masterplan has been foiled by a 19 year old pop star.



LA said...

Interesting. I guess time will tell.

Did you hear Pete Doherty got arrested while in rehab?

Red said...

My 12-year-old niece LOVES (like, heart-a-thumping loves) Jesse McCartney, so I have been force-fed a diet of his soppy love songs. Not good. Still... this is a star number!

Blessed innocence, eh?