Friday, August 18, 2006

Nicky O No

Nicky Hilton was in South Beach yesterday to give the press a preview of her namesake boutique hotel, Nicky O. "Where our condo hotel owners are the VIP's" . Each suite will be decorated by a different must-have designer, hotel staff will be 'carefully selected' and wear designer uniforms, in a primo Ocean Drive location. You get the gist.

What I don't get is this. They hold a press conference to introduce the hotel, show the public the designs and hopefully get some suites sold, but the presentation with Richie Rich of Heatherette looks like something I made for my bedroom wall from Vogue clippings in Grade 9. I'm serious.

I guess maybe it's the whole 80's vibe, but it looks cheap and it makes me laugh. Love Love Love Nicky's Gucci heels though.

photos - hwb

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thinista said...

It looks like a year ten sschool project