Monday, August 21, 2006

Smell Like Beckham

Which one? You choose.

David Beckham and wife Victoria launched the racy campaign for their his and hers fragrances called, Intimately. On store shelves September 1st. Which one would you rather smell like?


OldWiseOne said...

Whose ass is that? You know Posh only eats about 50 calories / day, there's no way that she's sporting that round tush.

LA said...

I love the symmetry of their initials in their logo: dvb

Yeah, that's so not her ass. If it was, she'd never eat again.

I'd like to smell like Posh if it means luring hot boys like Becks.

OldWiseOne said...

Oh ya, the "just had sex with Becks" smell. I could definitely cosign that.