Saturday, August 26, 2006

Madame Gwynnie Catches A Wave

These pictures are just hysterical. She's one of the last people I'd expect to see hanging ten. At least she appears to be keeping her hair from getting wet. Now THAT I'd expect.

photos - perez


JD said...

I am curious to know why you so greatly dislike GP.

Leisa said...

You know what jd, I actually don't dislike GP. There are alot of folk, especially bloggers, who do find her offensive.

She is a big of a snot though - you have to admit.

Anonymous said...

Gwyn is a California girl at heart. The English like her better after seeing these pix according to a gal pak in London...they found her a bit snooty...isn't that funny?

Red said...

Surfing or not, Gwyneth is still rather disliked at this Englishwoman's house. And that cabbage-headed husband of hers even more so.