Thursday, August 31, 2006

Clooney's Hooked Up

The eternal bachelor is apparently no more. George Clooney is doing it. Not with some young twenty-something hottie. No. He's doing it with 52 year old Ellen Barkin.

From The Mirror -

GORGEOUS George Clooney has a new lady in his life - and he’s crazy about the twice-married 52-year-old mother-of-two. The eternal bachelor usually dates much younger women - including TV presenter Lisa Snowdon, 34 - but he’s stepping out with Oceans 13 co-star, Ellen Barkin. They have been inseparable since meeting on the Beverly Hills set - with 45-year-old George telling pals he’s “electrified” by Ellen, despite the seven-year age gap. He has fallen for her stimulating conversation and they’ve bonded on fast rides on his motorbike. One of his friends says: “It’s a match made in heaven.” George - single since he was dumped by Krista Allen, 35, in March - has been comforting Ellen following her shock divorce from Ron Perelman, the billionaire owner of Revlon. Our spy says: “George has been a shoulder to cry on for Ellen - he’s helping her get over the divorce. “She fancies him like mad and you can cut the sexual chemistry on set with a knife. “He is so different from her ex husband, which she loves.”

source - celebitchy


LA said...

I like these two together. I hope the story turns out to be true. I bet Teri Hatcher is off crying somewhere.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I don't care how old Ellen Barkin is. She is totally hot.

Leisa said...

7 years isn't a big age difference at all! Ellen is so hot, she reeks of sex.

Tiny Tones said...

I once read her described as 'Hollywood's sexiest ugly woman'. I think she's hot as!