Sunday, January 21, 2007

You Guess. I Guess.

Two blind items from today's NY Post ~

WHICH shaggy-haired rocker with a perky pop-star girlfriend has the nightclub circuit buzzing that he's been taking guys home with him late at night?

My guess: John Mayer

WHICH famous athlete isn't as interested in women as his fans believe? He has been able to keep his sexuality under wraps, but the question is for how much longer.

My guess: Lance Armstrong

Who do YOU guess?


Undisclosed Recipient said...

Yeah, the John Mayer hit home, mostly because of the "perky" remark.
And Lance... Good one!!! Didn't think of him but... good one!

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY agree with both your guesses. They are right on. I never thought Lance was gay, but now it all makes sense.....JUICY!!!

LA said...

Totally agree with John Mayer, don't agree with Lance. Reason being, I saw him up close at Foo Fighters last fall and found him to be way het. My gaydar didn't so much as quiver.

Leisa said...

Ok then LA - WHO?

Anonymous said...

Well don't know about gay, but Armstrong is a woman hater, all he can do is use them.