Thursday, January 25, 2007

Drew & Hugh

Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant at their premiere for Music & Lyrics, today in London. Hugh, sigh, is really showing his age.

Drew looks like she's either losing a false eyelash or she's been visiting Paris' eye surgeon.


Anonymous said...

Hugh looks hotter now than he did earlier.

And it is good to see a man in hollywood who is botox free - the wrinkles look graceful on his face.

Drew is drew ;)

Anonymous said...

His age? Looks more like a black eye to me. And I still like him, I agree with anonymous

Leisa said...

I've always loved Hugh.

LA said...

I love Hugh, too, especially in comedy. He really brought the movie About A Boy to life. I had read the book and didn't like the main character so much, but Hugh's talent made the character interesting.