Friday, January 26, 2007

Quote Of The Week

The blonde hair she has now makes her look skinny.”

~ said of friend of Mary-Kate Olsen, blasting reports, following her appearance at post Golden Globe parties, that she is having food issues again


JJ said...


Mebbe I'll run out and dye my hair blonde so I too can look "skinny." LOL Whatevah!

Anonymous said...

GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks HORRIBLE!

Anonymous said...

Yes, her blonde hair is hideous, but no one is mentioning that Fendi purse she's been carrying around for the last two weeks.

Would you like to exchange links with Style IT?

Anonymous said...

lol, it isn't the hair that makes her look skinny, its the fact you can see her chest bones, her waist looks about 15" around, and the dress does absolutely NOTHING for her. :-)

LA said...

Huh? I see she and her friends have the same single-digit IQ.