Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I have gotten so many hits here today by people Googling "Britney Spears crotch" or "Britney Spears no panties", that it's getting out of hand! People from all over the world want to see it. I'm talking thousands.

So what was today's crotch shot? 5 for 5? Let's hope tomorrow brings her a nice pair of pants.

(I realize this isn't 'today's' crotch shot, but it's one I neglected to post. If you want the real deal, c-section scar and all - Click HERE. I'm warning you. Not for the faint at heart.)


Anonymous said...

Some day, Britney is going to grow old enough to be completely embarassed by her intentional crotch shots. She sure doesn't need the money or the attention; has enough of both of those already. So why???

LA said...

Clitney's poon has crashed Dlisted for the last 48 hours.

(I call her Clitney now.)

Anonymous said...

Clitney???? I love it!!!!!!!!

Leisa said...

CLITNEY it is!

Anonymous said...

not bad for popping 2 pizzas