Sunday, November 19, 2006

Courtney Can Get Naked No Problem - But Sit Down With Oprah? No Way.


Courtney Love graces the cover of the December issue of POP Magazine. Her first revealing interview since getting off booze and drugs. She admits that she was pretty crazy and 'on crack' most of the time but says she's a new woman now. In order to prove it, she knows she's going to have to do the interview circuit soon, but she won't be sitting next to Oprah. She's not edgy enough.

"There was a poll the other day in a small newspaper of the most insane celebrities in America. Me (Gibson), Tom Cruise and then me. AND THEN JACKO. I was like "When I was on crack? Maybe." But that was a year ago. People have the wrong idea about me right now. Jesus, I need to do an Oprah. But I can't. Rosie (O'Donnel's) on The View now I'll do The View. And I'll do Diane Sawyer. But I'm terrified of Oprah. I've done Rosie lots, five times, I've done Diane Sawyer three times. But I can't do Oprah.

When asked what it is about Oprah that terrifies her: "She doesn't have a sense of irony. Rosie and Diane do. Oprah's very mainstream. I'm not good at mainstream. I need a little edge."

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Red said...

Are you kidding me? She's been airbrushed to within an inch of her life in these pics!

LA said...

true dat, red.

If I were Courtney, I wouldn't do Oprah, either.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for her. She had neglectful parents and a very dysfunctional childhood. She is so beautiful and she just about trashed her entire life. I am going to root for her - I hope this current break from drugs sticks and that she is able to break the family pattern and raise her daughter in a healthy, loving way.