Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It Couldn't Be Anyone Else Could It?

A new blind item in today's Page Six ~

WHICH singer had to deliver her child via Cesarean because of a raunchy STD her estranged husband gave her?

Poor Brit, she can get rid of KFed, but herpes? Never!
(if you have a herpes outbreak while you go into labour there is no choice but a c-section)


LA said...

The only other singer I can think of who had a baby recently is Gwen. But Brit seems MUCH MORE LIKELY to be the correct guess here.

LA said...

Oh wait, I just noticed it said estranged husband. It's positively Britney then.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Well...I guess I won't pursue her.

Anonymous said...

If it is Britney, I feel sorry for her. Whatever anyone thinks of her or her singing abilities, in the end she was just a girl that loved her husband. He really took advantage of her. She'll recover the money he spent, but an STD, that is very sad.