Saturday, September 02, 2006

You Even Come Near Sly's Daughters And He'll Go Rambo On Your Ass

He's serious. Can't you just imagine some poor kid knocking on the door for prom and once it opens, the teen sees Sylvester Stallone looking up at him with dirt from the plant smeared on his face, sporting a camo headband? "You coming for my daughter kid? Think again." Come to think of it, I'd probably skip the Stallone estate on Halloween too.

"I know I cannot hold on to them forever, but I will as long as I can. I pity the first boy to knock on the door for a date. I'm gonna buy 10 more Rambo outfits just to make sure they're too scared to put a foot wrong. They will probably all run a mile, which suits me just fine."

The actor continued: "I know I won't be able to help myself playing the worried dad. My girls were born with the flirt gene. It's very funny, but it also worries me about what a handful I will have in a few years time. I know it's stupid - I just don't want them to grow up. I love my family. I can't imagine life without them all in the house."


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OldWiseOne said...

Buy as many Rambo outfits as you like. There's no way any kid of an age to date your kids will know who Rambo is. Time to face facts, your Rambo days are soooooo-oooooover.