Saturday, September 30, 2006

Can't Always Get What You Want

But if you're Elizabeth Hurley, you like to think you can. I swear she might as well wear a tiara 24/7.

From Page Six ~

Liz threw a hissy fit Thursday night on the ferry that was supposed to take her back to Manhattan from the Liberty Island celebration of Moet Champagne's 120th anniversary. When guests were informed that they could not take any champagne on board, "everyone else graciously agreed to abide by the rules," said our source. But an enraged Hurley refused to give up her magnum of Moet and three glasses, and held the boat at the dock for 20 minutes until security guards were finally able to get her to relinquish them.

Wouldn't you be PISSED if some spoiled brat held you up from getting off some ridiculous ferry? The rest of the boat should of been given a shot once ashore for having to put up with her crap.

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Prunella Jones said...

I want to start wearing a tiara 24/7 too.