Thursday, September 28, 2006

Katie & Tom Making Wedding Plans

Keep away from the light Kate!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been frequenting Los Angeles restaurants, lunching with wedding planners. Here they are leaving a Beverly Hills establishment on Tuesday afternoon. Katie has been working out like a mofo trying to drop the pregnancy poundage before the big day and it looks like she's winning the battle. Either that or she's got herself a really good girdle.

photos - hwb


LA said...

There's not a girdle on the market that can make her neck and jawline look that good.

I'm stunned Tom will let her wear heels that high!

LOVE her sexy beaded bag!

OMG, verification word HAGdgsb. As in faghag? computers are smart!

OldWiseOne said...

He's the one who needs the neck girdle. Jeebus that shirt makes him look old and pathetic.