Monday, September 25, 2006

Not Only Does It Make You Skinny, Now It Tastes Great Too?

It's not much of a secret that cocaine is still a big deal on the Hollywood hot spot scene. Just look at all the skinny celebs who are out every night, and at work again the next morning. You can't do that on caffeine alone. The 'new' thing the kids are putting up their nose these days tastes a little like "Strawberry Shortcake peed down the back of your throat." That's right. Strawberry flavoured Cocaine. Mmmmmm Mmmmmm. Making it even easier to get hooked. I'm sure bubblegum flav is next, but for now - Strawberry Quik powder for everyone!

From TMZ ~

Flavored cocaine is nothing new, we're told. Law enforcement sources tell us that since the 80s people have been buying coke in all sorts of flavors, including rum and cherry, and now it appears strawberry is back and all the rage.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that strawberry flavoring is added to the drug to give it its fruity flavor. Years ago just adding food coloring was a big thing-- brown and red cocaine were the talk of the town. Theoretically, you could make or add any flavor you'd like to the drug.

Hollywood insiders tell TMZ that this drug has exploded in the club scene, and not only has cocaine made a huge comeback, the strawberry version is definitely rearing its ugly head again. Like leggings and skinny jeans, this dangerous pastime is back full force.

Personally, this is the first time I've ever heard of flavoured boog sug. Why mix in food colouring? Ew. I don't know why they don't just cut to the chase and cut the crap with laxatives.



LA said...

As long as they don't make chocolate flavored cocaine, I'll be okay.

L said...

I'm with 'la'...that would be the end of me.