Thursday, September 28, 2006

LOOK What Matthew Is Packing!

I don't know what look Matthew McConaghey's going after these days, the Unabomber maybe? Does the Unabomber wear spandex? In one photo he seems REALLY happy to see the cameras. It appears he's taken his homance with Lance Armstrong a little too far. If you are off the bike, step out of the spandex. That's all I'm saying.

photo - USWeekly


LA said...

I wish the Amazon shoppers would review these photos. >:)

London Bridge said...

This is too funny! I'm sure it is just some padding for his crotchal region. Whatever he's got down there, I'm ok with it. You've got to protect the family jewels you know. I came across an online Tabloid Fantasy League today. You can check it out at All you got to do is know who will grace the pages of Star, In Touch, Us, and People magazines, and you can win big prizes like iPods and Coach handbags. Check it out at

Red said...

Osama bin Laden is alive and well and living in sunny California.