Friday, September 01, 2006

Michael Douglas - Lazy or Just Stupid?

Michael Douglas admits that he can't use a computer, not if his life depended on it. His wife Catherine Zeta-Jones set him up with an email account and tried to teach him the basics with no luck. He gave up trying years ago. To this day, he still has his secretary gather his emails and fax them to him.

Back in June of this year, Douglas earned his honorary degree from the University of St. Andrews. You'd have to use more than a typewriter these days to get a real one.

This reminds me of my parents who even after 15 years or so of owning a VCR, still have to call me everytime daylight savings passes so I can change the clock. They just refuse to figure it out. Don't even get me started on a DVD player. No chance I'm letting them get one.


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Anonymous said...

Well he's gotten lazy, since he was stupid enough to marry Zeta.