Monday, September 04, 2006

Kate Is Now An Agent

Here's a preview of the new ad campaign for Agent Provocateur Lingerie . It stars Kate Moss, of course! This is a taste of the first in a series of four. I hear she gets naked in the third. Stay tuned.

Click HERE to go to the website to see Kate in some more hot lingerie. Get yourself some why don't you?



Red said...

Sorry to say, but she just doesn't sell it to me. Hot bod, sure, but her face is so unpleasant, like the close-up of a big mosquito.

Leisa said...

HA! You funny Red.

I love her because she has NEVER had to say a thing. She doesn't have a perfume or a clothing line and she totally could. She is just herself and somehow looks stylely even when she's been up doing rails all night.