Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Whoa! Look At J Lo!

There's twins in there!

Jennifer Lopez made an appearance at New York Fashion Week's Marchesa show this afternoon.

"I'm feeling good. I haven't gone out a lot for the past few months, but Marchesa has been incredibly good to me. They are just amazing!"

The ever-fashion conscious star admitted she simply cannot pull off the sweatpants look that other mums-to-be adopt just before they go into labour. She added, "People make fun of me because when I do have them over to my house I do have a dress on. I don't like the way the sweats look with the extra weight."

J Lo just may be Marchesa's most loyal celeb. Remember that gorgeous pink thing she wore to last years Oscars? She also wore Marchesa to the 2007 Golden Globes .


Anonymous said...

i don't know HOW she manages to stand around in stilettos - and no swollen ankles. lucky!

LA said...

Sorry, that blue dress is BEYOND atrocious. The Grecian one that she wore to Madonna's party is much better.

Anonymous said...

what a worthless ho

Leisa said...

easy there.... anon