Thursday, February 07, 2008

Madonna's A Proud Mom

Just pluck her damn eyebrows already!

Madonna brought out her daughter, Lourdes, to her Malawi charity event in NYC last night. Has Lourdes ever grown up. She's going to be quite the beauty, once she's old enough to take care of that unibrow and maybe bleach her arm hair. If I ever run into Lola, I'll be equipped with an index finger coated in bleach and I'll do it myself.

They do look happy, and Madge's little girl is lovin' the spotlight.


Leisa said...

Madonna's dress is another example of 'gathers'. The gathering hides all!

Red said...

I love the top half of her dress, I must say. The fabric looks really soft and luxuriant.

Anonymous said...

Lola looks just like mom did in "Like a Prayer." I mean EXACTLY. Wow.

Arlina said...

That unibrow...Madonna's love is truly blind.

Can you imagine how high maintenance that child must be? Outside the unibrow anyway.