Friday, November 16, 2007

Off To See Kathy Griffin Tonight

All the city's best gay's will be there. I can't wait!

Consider this my Clip Of The Week.


LA said...

How was she? She was on a local radio show this morning, and she was hysterical.

Leisa said...

LA - She was great. Ripped Oprah, Paris, Larry King, etc etc, a new one. Great crowd. Near the end she asked if the 'legend' in the audience would stand up. About 10 seats from me, Liza Minnelli stood up and gave a wave. The Gays went wild! Wild! As you can imagine. Liza then sat down and caressed a young man's knee for the rest of the show. Like a 30 year old man. Hysterical. If only I had my camera. Total Haute Gossip material.

I'd see Kathy again in a heartbeat. A great girls night out. My only complaint, it was over too quickly.