Thursday, November 29, 2007

Heigl's Smoke Signals

Grey Anatomy's, Katherine Heigl, is rarely photographed off camera without a cigarette in her hand. She must really be a heavy smoker for me to of seen this many pictures of her doing it. Seen here today hacking a butt, while lunching with a friend. I'm surprised you can still smoke on a patio. Especially in LA. Can't be the star treatment, can it?


LA said...

Restaurants and bars in L.A. that are fortunate enough to have outside space have "smoking patios," so she's actually probably not getting any special treatment here.

That said, you're right. She's photographed smoking almost as much as Johnny Depp.

Petite said...

Natural blondes have thin skin that doesn't age as well as darker haired people. She'll regret all that smoking as her face ages.

I honestly can't believe that people still smoke in the 21st Century!